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Beauty - (theory)




i will start this thread off with a reflection on beauty. i have a theory on what humans find beautiful, but i shall get to it in a second.

these days, the ideally beautiful woman is very thin.

have you ever looked at the Mona Lisa? in the time that was painted, she was the idea of a perfect beauty. but if youve ever really looked at her, you would see that, by today's standards, she's kind of chubby to be a ravishing beauty.

linked-imagesee that lady? thats Ruth Ke'elikolani. she was once considered by the Hawai'ian natives to be the ultimate embodiment of beauty and grace. by today's standards, shes just plain fat.

so, now, skinny women are considered beautiful, and in the past, plumper women were. the pattern is that now, people tend towards fatness (what with all the fast food and unhealthy lifestyles), while in those times, people were generally slimmer (you know, when half the population was starving to death). which leads to my theory, that the opposite of what is common among people is what they considered beautiful.



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That is a very good theory. It is like people want what they can't have. I mean, all the women who look like super models are super models, and the rest are 'real' women.

But sometimes, being skinny isn't everything. My mother constantly tells me I look dreadful, and that I am too thin. Either way, thin or fat, you can't win.

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Daughter of the Nine Moons


Yikes I meant to comment on this blog entry when you first posted it! Very good thinking Mudboots. Just take a look at all the great masters paintings of The Renaissance.

Look at Ruben's artwork

user posted image

[gasp] Is that cellulite! [/gasp]

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yeah, like that. and something else, in the past, people were practically obcessed with women with white skin. the 'hundred naked maidens lily-white', and so on. its simply because, back then, everybody was tanned because they were all exposed to the sun so much. now, were getting lazy and staying inside, so we prize tanned skin.

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oh yeah? are you telling me that, if she were walking down a street in modern-day hawaii, people would regard her as anything other than another 'fat chick'?

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