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nightmare & reality check



well, i had the most horrible dream last night that i have ever had i my life. unfortunately, i escaped being killed in the dream. that means ill have to watch the continuation of the story the next time i go to sleep. because of this, the next time i go to sleep will not be tonight. or, if i can help it, the night after that.

i hate to think how much technology has invaded my life within the past two years. if you had asked me three years ago why i didnt want a computer with the internet, i would have replied, 'because its bad enough we have electricty.' now look at me. im on here an hour just about every day. how sad. i remember when we got electricity. the power company almost, ALMOST didnt let us have it, because they couldnt run the power lines that far back to our house. i didnt want it, and niether did Maman; i still actually dont want it. but we got it any way, partially in thanks to Papa's persuasion. could i give up my internet, my computer, my plumbing, my electricity, my television? sure. easily. it would be so great. back like it was.

alright, a reality check. then ill be past my hick reminescing for to-day.

reality check:

1. are you currently wearing mudboots in your house? yes

2. did you just eat a whole bowl of french onion dip that you knew was bad? yes

3. are you sitting in a log cabin with a cast-iron woodstove on a computer? yes

4. is there a chicken in your house? yes

5. is it (the chicken) wearing a diaper? yes

6. is there actually a red button labeled 'panic' on your keyboard? yes, its a stick-on gag thingy

7. are you wearing shorts in January? yes

8. do you have skins, insect collections, dinosaur posters, and various other 'boy' things on your walls, accompanied by a callender of wild flowers? yes

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