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The Case IV: All roads to nowhere..

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The glowing blue hallway went on for a ways; but at the end I could see what looked like interplay between light and shadow..

As I covered the distance I had time to reflect on what had happened so far..

The strange bus driver who knew just where to drive me was a little too convienant. Somebody must want me at UM..

On the other hand; having a guard in place to stop my entry certainly argued that someone wanted me out..

This case was barely a day old and already it seemed one side wanted me for a patsy; while another wanted me dead..

Business as usual for me..

At the halls' end I found out what the light and shadow were..

The light was natural sunlight, making the air a comfortable 75 degrees or so. How was this possible? It was almost dark and overcast back in the alley..Where had this passage taken me?

The shadows were outlines of people moving acrooss the doorway..And so many people! Of all races and nationalities..Male and Female..And all busy with something..

Some had armloads of books. Some single pieces of paper. some were deep in discussion with others while some wandered aimlessly..A few were arguing at the top of their lungs while just a few feet away a person would be lost in meditation; uncaring..

None of them paid me any mind..

All of this hubbub and bustle took place in the strangest place I've ever seen..

In one sense it looked like an enormous version of the classicly columned and peristyled gardens you'd see in ancient Rome, complete with fountains and statuary..

But there were..Changes..

Against one wall was a replica of a crashed UFO; complete with machine generated smoke and fake(I hoped) Alien bodies..Near one column stood what seemed to be a stuffed and mounted Sasquatch..

One wall contained a starkly painted All-Seeing Eye of The Illuminati; while yet another had statues' of world leaders sculpted and arranged so they seemed to playing baseball..

There was much more; but I'm not a tourist..I had a job to do..

Although nobody noticed me much; I certainly watched them. It seems not all the action was confined to this courtyard. Every once in awhile a person would pop in or out of a side passage located around the walls..Above each entryway was a carved plaque..One said " Conspiracies" another " Metaphysics" and so on..

I wasn't the worlds' greatest detective for nothing..I was looking for a Chupa pic. I knew where I had to go..

I headed for the Stuffed Sasquatch..

..But not alone, it seems..

A young man trying way too hard to look bored and casual seemed to be tailing me at what he must have thought was a discreet distance..

Nice try..

I hate being marked out in my first five minutes; and bored looking teenagers usually mean a world of trouble in my experience..

I'd force a confrontation when I had less chance of attracting attention my way. Until then I'd make sure I kept my eyes open for him..

Sure enough; behind the Taxidermists' wet dream was another small opening that had " Cryptozoology" engraved above it..

That post must have gone missing here..

I listened at the threshold and heard what seemed to be..Birdsong? Insects?

I entered the doorway and found myself in...

A forest of all places..

A perfect replica of some old-growth hardwood forest of the Pacific Northwest..

How was I to find anything lost somewhere in the middle of the woods?

This looked bad...And it was about to get worse..

End of part 4

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nooooooooooo... why did it end like that? Write more!!! Im indespret need to find out what happened to muh pic!!! hehehe.. GREAT writing!

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Thanks star child and innocence..I hated this part with a burning passion though. My internet shut off twice while I was writing it. So I had to retype it all again twice..Now let's never speak of this again.. tongue.gif

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~~points finger and laughs halariously~~ Okay.. ill never mension it again...~giggle~ Hey.. are you having any probs with yahoo right now?

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No..but you're not the only one..Somebody else can't message me right either..lol

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