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I feel.........obligated.




So much has happened my head is spinning.

I have been visiting my family out of state,

(driving back and forth so much I probably could drive back & forth

sleeping!) stopping along the way at different places to stretch my

legs, check out the scenery, and just relax a few moments after

driving for hours. I think I'm getting burnt out on traveling.

Yet here I go again, back this weekend to stay for 5 days.

*Yikes* I hope my nerves will take it! *lol* tongue.gif

I love my family, and it's good to see them, but within no time,

I begin to get cranky because everyone is getting on my nerves.

All I hear about is, "You shouldn't have moved." "You need to move back here."

I know,...... your wondering why I continue to go visit so often.

Well, it's because, I feel obligated........ sad.gif

Yes it's true,..... I feel like I have to go visit so much just to show them that

I love them, and that just because I moved out of state, doesn't mean we won't

get together and do things like before (fishing, swimming, going to the Zoo, etc.,


All because when I told my family I was moving out of state, they all cried saying they would loose contact with me, and we wouldn't be a close family anymore, and we wouldn't get to do fun things together anymore, blah,blah,blah.

So now I feel,.........obligated,.......... commited to proving them wrong. hmm.gif



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