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sleepless mudboots




so i didnt sleep tonight. how does mudboots occupy his time when hes got an entire night with nothing to do? i read an entire book on mythical creatures in heraldry and design motifs. when i couldnt focus my eyes enough for that, i watched Easy Rider. about when they were on an LSD trip in the cemetary with the two prostitutes, i was so zoned out i was almost on an acid trip myself. minus the acid, just the trip. but i stayed up all night. no nightmares for me.

you know when the two main characters get beaten up by the locals with crobars and that guy with the football helmet gets killed at night when theyre sleeping? that was filmed right around where i live. ive eaten at the restuarant they went to right before that, where all the girls beg them for a ride on their choppers.



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