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Wouldn't you know it?!




Oh Great!!!! mad.gif

Wouldn't you know it?! It's hotter than normal for this time of year,

we are having to run the air conditioner in the house, and the ###%@

air in my car went out!! mad.gif

I thought I only need freeon for it but when I took it in to have it refilled,

I find that not only do I need freeon, but I also need a new air conditioner hose because the other one somehow, "mysteriously" had a hole in it big enough to put your thumb in. disgust.gif

(I think the aliens did it. alien.gif *lol*)

So of-course they had to order the hose, and it hasn't came in yet, and it's been 3 days!!! sad.gif

I need my air conditioner in my car!!! crying.gif



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