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Thanks to the people of UM :d I love you!




Thanks to the two people who have thus far helped me with my media coursework, to other people who have offered to help but have yet to hear from me, the probability is that I won't need you to help, but thanks so much for helping anyway, and I will remember your offer in case something goes wrong with the people who have already offered to do it!

I'm very happy that people are willing to give up their precious time to help me, special thanks to Blood Angel for the lengthiness of his responses to my questions, he was even willing to provide answers to more questions, that I simply didn't have, so a million times thankyou to him, also the quality of the answers were simply superb, I couldn't have asked for anyone better to answer the questions.

To spooks, I am indeed very keen to finish the interview but for some unknown reason the chat room will not allow me to connect to the server, so I will try again before I go out and if that fails, tomorrow!

To Burnside, thanks so much for offering your help, but having conducted the interviews with the people, I now see that you really would need to currently be living in Britain to answer the questions, but thanks so much for offering, and also thanks for helping in getting people to help with my psychology coursework, that was also again much appreciated!

Many regards and thankfulness to everyone who has helped me so far, I won't forget this, and should anyone need my help and I can do it, I will be very willing! All the people who have helped me have helped turn a very stressful time, into a less a less stressful time and much easier time, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Ames xxx

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