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All your faults in me...

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January 1, 2005

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Hey. FIrst blog entry, this should be fun tongue.gif . New tears last night was wicked. Friends of mine came over, sso we played X box, set off fire works, had a good time. But, I couldnt help but think of all the deaths in South East Asia. Its saddens me. I hope the families of the dead make it through as best they can. Yeah, Im tired, and cant think of much to say. So, I'll add to this as i start to wake up.


~~~~~~~~~LATER THAT DAY~~~~~~~~~~

I've been working on my forum a lot today. goin pretty good, but I'm new to it all, so it could be slow going. I incourage everyone to join. The URL is http://s6.invisionfree.com/The_Pit_Forums/index.php?act=idx


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