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I have come to believe that people who make sweeping generalizations about groups of people have very small minds.

They must be small, since they are incapable of entertaining an infinite number of possibilities of character, belief and attitude. Indeed, they are incapable of entertaining even a small multiple of possibilities.

Generalization p***es me off. It is a serious detriment to a peaceful world.

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This is a joke right. For what you said is a generalization ;-)



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Saying something like 'trees are made of wood' is not a generalization.

Saying people who make generalizations about other groups of people cannot entertain the concept of infinite possibilities of attitude, etc. is not a generalization.

It's just how it is.


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667-Neighbor of the Beast


You said that people who make generalizations all have small minds. That is a generalization. Saying trees are made of wood is stating a fact. Saying a group of people have small minds is an opinion, and therefore a generalization, and just plain rude.

Besides, generalizations are not always a negative thing. Say, for instance, race. To say that every person in every race of people are identical to each other is ludicrous. IF that was true, races would not exist, and the world would be a very boring place. Our attitudes make us individuals, but we still belong to races. That is the way we were created, denying it or saying it should not be that way does not make it so.

It is the people who use the differences as a way to try and opress others who are the idiots. But, people who say there are no differences in the races is just as much of an idiot. Races are different from each other, but that does not make any race superior to another in any way. The differences in races, cultures, genders, etc. should not be overlooked, they should be enjoyed, celebrated, and revered.

Wouldn't the world be a boring place if all flowers were yellow and black daisies?? If all dogs were collies?? If all trees were oak??

Everyone has their favorite flower, their favorite breed of dog. Does that mean that those people are making generalizations about the flowers, or the dogs??

People should not be treated any different. All living creatures have the same rights to exist, and be respected for what they are. After all, the only thing that makes humans different from animals is intelligence. Does that make us better than them, or just different??

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