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house chicken & stuff




well, Mme. Dot, its a typical chicken, you know the sort, named Marie Jolie. she's sick with crop impaction, which is pretty much when they eat so much food so fast that their digestive system almost shuts down. yes, theyre brilliant animals. so you have to feed the chicken very little, force it to drink alot, and keep it walking around so it will get its bowels moving. now, the weather is not cold outside, its just perfect, and there is a perfect spot for Marie Jolie to stay until she gets better, but for some reason, she is now in my house. we use one of our chicken diapers, its essentially a miniature human diaper fit for a chicken's rear end. she sleeps in a cage in the laudry room but feels absolutely no restraint in walking all over the house, jumping on the table and counter and such, eating the grits i had left over for breakfast (without us giving it to her, i might add), dropping feathers on the carpet, making as much noise as she pleases, tearing off her diaper when she get a hankering to, and all the annoying things pets like to do in the house, only avian style. the poor thing, shes so sick. rolleyes.gif

you know what would be a fun trick to play? the next time my family has mashed potatoes and some meat, i should get two pieces of meat, one tiny and one normal-sized. then, i should hide the big piece under the mashed potatoes, and put the little one out on my plate where one of my parents could see it. without question, which ever one saw it first would say, "is that all the meat you want? its awful small." upon which i could pull the big piece out from under the potatoes where i had hidden it. funny stuff, that.



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mm........i dont think Maman uses a recipe, but if she did, it would be in her enormous bloated recipe book of doom, which is completely indecipherable to anybody that is not her. and of course i dont cook anything. no.gif

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