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My Love Affair With the Rain and my Life

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A new post in my blog. Just a descriptive piece of writing focusing on my love affair with all things rain, and my observations of people in the rain.


Also over there are some articles about perspective vs reality, consciousness, sleep deprivation and great thinkers.


As for me, moving soon AGAIN. 100th time in this life. I can never stay put for very long, thanks to these damned vagabond shoes. Quit my job, trying to focus on my writing career and getting the first draft of an apocalyptic love story novel out. Damned vagabond writers block too. Will probably need another day job soon to pay the bills, that's life I suppose. One obstacle after another, neatly stacked on top of one another like a weird Jenga tower of unfinished ideas and creativity. What the hell am I talking about? *shrugs*

Hope you are all well! I gotta get back into participating in the forums again. After such long absences it feels like a hefty challenge perusing all the topics and members all over again and finding places where I can post and (at least appear) to know what I'm talking about.

Which I don't really. Ever.


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