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The Crumpled Page

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FINALLY Back Online!

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Spent most of last week moving. Three guys with tons of stuff. It was a painful exhausting experience that could only have been saved my my mothers incredible Shepherds Pie at the end of the day. Thanks Mum!

Settling into a temporary base on my buddy's couch right now for a month. Then another couch, then, heading out West! Banff baby! Going to rip the mountains and write in the shade of giants for the winter. Another great adventure!

New laptop is finally up and running. The 'Red Shark' I'm calling it, on account of the silver keys looking like teeth, and it being a wonderful shade of convertible red. Getting the drivers/Win7 etc installed on it was a b**** but I'm finally there.

Well, back to writing! I have some amazing ideas for this novel I'm working on and simply must get them down. I'm really enjoying my style of writing for this project. Just putting down whatever pops into my head and seeing what happens from there. My imagination is literally telling me the story pieces as I go, and all I'll have to do later is connect the pieces. Looks like it's going to be an apocalyptic love story. Interesting!

Nothing new in my official blog except writing about the Rain but here it is anyway:



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