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On Consumerism and Disasters

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New article at my official blog, 'The Crumpled Page', on the correlation between consumerism and disasters, as well as disaster fatigue, global warming and some general all purpose ranting.

This article was spawned from thinking about that old controversial bus advertisement that went something along the lines of 'There's probably no god so stop worrying and enjoy your life'. I thought about the line from the perspective of a right-winger and what they might say in regards to climate change and came up, satirically, with 'There's probably no global warming so stop worrying and enjoy your materialism.'


Perhaps I should have broken this up into two articles. It's a little lumpy. Well, feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Recommended Comments

Dude... that was a fantastic read. I agree with your sentiments. Especially about GW. It boggles my mind when people say "Well, it's not humans causing climate change, so we can rest easy and still be as wasteful as we darn well please!". I just don't understand that kind of reasoning.

Very good article Burnside :yes:

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Thank you very much Psykonos! It's delightful to hear my sentiments are being shared. :)

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Take it from an old, environmentalist hippy...everyone that doesn't believe in man-made GW is saying the hell with it. There are many people that think the majority of the propaganda is to raise taxes and make money for anyone that has the clout to pull it off. I believe that the earth is going through a cycle that we can in no way influence. Other than that, I think we should do everything in out power to preserve the earth and her creatures.

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*sigh* I know you're absolutely right. Half the people on the planet just don't give a ****. That's the part that really tears me up. Our planet is DYING because of consumerism, and most of them are worried about having to pay a little extra for their lobster. That's the way of things I suppose. Huxley knew.

I agree, the Earth is going through natural cycles, and even if we're not influencing climate change in anyway it's clear we're doing far more damage than good in all other aspects with our uncontrolled consumption.

I just don't understand the 'everything is here for us to take' mentality, and hopefully I never will.

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