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New Article on Finding Inspiration

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My official blog seems to be taking the form of a creative writing outlet designed to help myself and other aspiring writers to get on with the writing process. I've been struggling with mental blocks when it comes to my writing lately and the blog seems to be a good outlet for these frustrations as well being somewhere to hone my creative skills.

My latest post deals with the frustrations I've had over not writing, and how I went about collection inspiration at the local bookstore.


I've recently started working part time and spending more of that free time with my family back home. They're encouraging, but worried about me. For good reason, I've still yet to figure out any kind of career plans and the future is starting to loom heavy shadows across my face. My options are limited by a general lack of work ethnic. Or maybe is it limited by the fear of failure/success? Time will tell I suppose.

Just keep writing, I tell myself. This will get somewhere.

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