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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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Brief Dr. 58 Update




Oh, oh, oh, I am so sorry for not posting more Dr. 58 transcripts more often. Thanks for all your e-mail, and for those of you have been checking this blog every day -- I feel your pain, and I think you are amazing wonderful people. I share your pain in not having been able to keep up.

But I am catching up with my work in the boring, real and mundane world of making money so that I can eat -- and I plan to unleash a flood of new Dr. 58 material soon.

In the past few days I have had a mind-numbingly tricky experience involving trouble with the Man Thing Entity.

I finally resorted to asking MOMMY, or at least I started to ak her, how or if I might kill the Man Thing Entity, or perhaps put it to sleep for a few centuries.

The result caused me to veer off on a journey I never could have expected -- much was involved, including tapping into the ancient power of the oak tree, the acorn, and finding a strange confluence with "oak and iron" that I leveraged to gain some power over the Man Thing Entity.

There was no real "Plan 9" -- so I was obliged to invent it.

Cheers, everyone, wishing Golden Energy to all...


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AWESOME I CANT WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT THIIIS >.< yes but wow I am really into this and MOMMY especially interests me

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I have missed Dr.58, can't wait for the next bit. Checking my blog-tracker everyday still. Cheers for the sit rep IronGhost :tu:

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