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A man awake

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From: Astral Travel & My technique

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White Crane Feather


Oh yeah, I forgot.

Sure keep in mind That I'm at a point now where I can feel the doorway (so to speak) in my mind. If it is opened I can walk through it quit easily. I can't really explain it. It's purely an experiential feeling.

Certain character traits and physical development will help tremendously

1) pilanthropy ...... Constantly giving to others . (Take a 100 bucks buy cj burgers and a case of beer and water. Go into the city and give every homeless person you meet a burger a beer and a water) deep personal pilanthropy. Become a mentor in a big brothers big sisters program. Give every chance you get. I have a business ( martial arts school), and I make my services totally free with no questions asked if someone looses their job or can't aford it. I'm not trying to sound like some saint, but if you are extended to others the spirits will be extended to you and help you grow. It's a componant I think that's largly missed.

2) fear work and self reflection. The more you conquer fears and anxiety the more capable you will be. Alone in the wilderness for days or even weeks at a time forces you to be completely Alone with yourself and your fears. After the third day your thoughts turn inward.

3) body awareness. I have been in martial arts my entire life, but dance is good to. Also I think Robert Bruce's energy work would be helpful. Haveing decent spacial awareness is very helpful

4) meditation practice. Meditation is key. I would be very surprised if anyone had decent success without a consistant mediatation practice.

My process

If I want travel at night I will mediatate for an hour then take a nap at about 3-6 or so often listening to Tibetan meditation music or drumming. Then go to bed at 10. And start my journy. Or I'll wake up at 2 or three read something for an hour then go.

To initiate I relax close my eyes and see the blackness behind my eyes as a three dimentional space. I watch my nural discharges and wipe away any errant thoughts that show up. This is where it gets tricky. You guys will simply have to hold this state until you feel vibrations. After you have been doing for a while at least for me I can tell when the "door " is open and push my conciousness through it. I wish I could explaine it better, but I dont know how.

Right as vibrations start I hear the loud waterfall rushing noise. This is when I exit either by just getting up very quickly, rolling, or floating up. Floating up is not a visualization, it's as if you have muscles to propel you upwards.

That's it. Not a hole lot to the actualy process. Sometimes I can just feel that my mind is in the right spot and I can do it in seconds. Other times I try and try for hours ....., and nothing. Most the time it's successful though

Source: Astral Travel & My technique

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