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A man awake

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Vision log feb 20 2011

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White Crane Feather


Vision log

Feb 20th 2011

Initiated vibrations this morning. Upon exit I could tell something was off. Not quite sure, but my mind was not as focused as it should be. It had been a rough day before and my mind was still clouded with some earlyer stress. I could tell that it was going to be short. I decided to take the time for experementation. I started to fly up to my bed room to float through the ceiling into the upstairs...... I couldn't. I tried twice and I would get halfway through then bounce back. Then I lost control and started bounce around the room. Dam! I thought I had grown out of this. Instead of fighting the loss of control. I decided to take control of the motion. I ended up flying in a high speed circle around my living room with my vision oriented toward the center of the room. Odd it was very fast, but my vision was clear. At this speed I would expect things to be a bit blury. 

I managed to land and regain control of myself. Then I decided to walk upstaires the normal way. One of my last journies I was able to reach into my sister in law. I had the sensation of touching her even on the Inside aswell as the out but the sensation was spreading to cover more and more of her. I could feel every inch of her external body parts, hardness of bones, stifness of tendons, squishyness of organs. I was afraid to mention this on the forums. It's hard for me to beleive these things sometimes, so if I'm still working through it, I don't like to post it.

Anyway. I get upstairs and try the same thing with my wife. I reach into her, and my awareness starts to spread in her. But again it only gets so far then I end up back in my body. Dam!

An interesting note and story. When I was going through the shamanic crisis , and I first learned of it and the similarities in my experiences, I contacted this shaman that was gaining some popularity on the Internet. He was resonsive at first through email and mentioned he was doing some healing work wih something called embrionoc blood. I'm assuming in the spirit world. He then became unresponsive. And I never herd from him again. So I guess I came to

Associate this idea of deep blood as an aspect of shamanic healing. Because the plaidies spirit gave me a blood red orb, I assumed it was healing related. That's what led me to try it on my sister in law, although this contimplation and my awareness of this sequence is after the fact. The whole red orb scenerio was a trigger to get me to discover this other person body awareness. I'm sure of it now! No red orb needed but it was just enough to get me to discover this. It never ceases to amaze me how far back these things go. The great spirit realy does have a plan. Maby there is no plaiadies spirit at all and it is all God....just using the stars to get my attention. I'm in constant awe and humuility. Interconnectedness is truely a powerful aspect of all of this.

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