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A man awake

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Short interesting journy

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White Crane Feather


Vision log

April 14

Dry spell was broken last night. Funny, I almost always require presleep to take journys, but this time it was at night before any presleep.

Laying back I centered my my focus out in the 3 dimentional space behind my eyes. I don't watch nural discharges as much, i just hold my atention to one spot. Usually at a slightly upward angle. 

I felt my awareness shift almost instantly vibrations flared up. There not very strong anymore. I think I'm getting used to them even the noises are fainter. It's actually disapointing. I miss the powerful noises and vibration that used to be so aweinspiring. Any why I exited just by getting up. I was sure I was not out, but I'm well aware of my mistakes in the past, so i did a reality check. I floated up to the ceiling and tried to go through to the second floor. Yup I was out, but I couldn't go through the floor. I always have a problem with this. 

I walked down the hall marveling at how clear and crisp everything is. After comeing out of trance the crisp reality of traveling starts to go fuzzy, but while I am there I like to take a look around at how it's just like physical reality. It always amazes me knowing I'm a spirit at the moment.

I walk over to a window, and fly up and over my house.  I land on my roof. That's when I remember. There is a leak in the master bedroom I wonder if I can locate it. I stick my hands into the roof and start to spread my awareness through the material like I have done to people. I'm still nieling on the roof but I can literally feel as if I'm Touching the inside of the roof. It did not take long to find a pathway for water around this sky light. I followed the pathway to where the leak was. But it did not stop there, it continued down into our bathroom wall. The wall materal then turned flaky and spongy........ It's rotten!!!!! I think this leak has rotted my wall for a long time. Crap that's going to cost a lot to fix.

I pull my hand out, then land in the back porch. I was preparing to investigate the house from a different angle, when quite suddenly a woman landed next to me. She was very tall, round pretty face, medim length brown hair, dressed in normal cloths. Age was fit and talk with slightly larger and mire muscular thighs than most woman. I felt very strongly that this was an athletic woman who was a basket ball player. She smiled and looked very surprised and excited to see me. As I was her. She asked me if I would fly with her, I said sure this was a first to fly with another traveler. She reached over to take my hand. I took hers. She then looked at my hand and said "oh, your fadeing". 

I said " hold on, I may be able to stop it"

I dove my awareness back in to feel the vibrations and tried to hold my return to my body off. My eyes started fluttering line they akways fk when I try to stop a return. I looked up she had steped back waiting to see if I could do it. She gave me a understanding smile like she understood then I was back. 


Wow. That was interesting first time really interacting with someone else that was probably just like me. I have met a few teavelers before but not to this depth. I wonder if she lives around me? I will keep my eyes out. I discovered that the leak was caused by the skylight, and that my wall is rotten. God I hope not.            

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Interesting story, I've been investigating this stuff myself for quite sometime.. Good luck to you! (*Journey) :tu:

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White Crane Feather


If anyone is paying attention to this. I have met this person in real life. This is months after the journey. She is a therapist and is helping my wife and I through a few issues.

How crazy is that? I'm astounded on a regular basis.

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Do you plan to ask this therapist if she remembers the encounter? Perhaps waiting until the therapy is done before you ask...

Getting "meatspace" confirmation of the reality of Travelling is always awesome!

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White Crane Feather


Well. I though of it. But not really sure if I should. We still see her once a month just to keep our marige on the right track. It sort if keeps us both honest if we have someone to report to. :) I'm chicken. I'm afraid she will want me to do more therapy if I tell her we were going to fly together out of body once :). I have thrown a few fishing lines out, like mentioning my helping people we sleep problems, and my techniques for conquering sleep pralysis. No bites. I imagine she does not remember. Or possibly it really was one of my guides giving me a vision of her. Anyway. Reguardless. Our marriage is much stronger now that we have some structure.

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