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A man awake

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White Crane Feather


So I am compiling a scrap book of sorts of some successes that some people have had particularly with sleep paralysis terrors after they start to understand the astral nature of it. These 2 are my favorites. Of course I don't mention any names, and yes forgive me I take great pride in my part of it..... Sorry I can't help it. I just do eventhough the credit belongs to them and the allspirit.

"i hear you could maybe help with the nightmares, every know and then maybe twice a month i wake in the night sweating like mad and can only move my head, theres something in the room but i dont see it but know its coming closer the fear i feelis really bad as though my hearts about to explode, just when i feel as though whatever is there is going to have me it ends and the next i know im waking up in the morning. please dont repeat this on the board its the first time i've ever really told anyone. cheers"

37 messages and months latter

hey seeker how are you?

just thought I'd let you know how things are. well I'm not of the sleeping pills/ pain killers completely yet but I've been put on new ones that don't knock me out like the others did. anyway here's the part i couldn't wait to tell you.. are you ready 

two nights after i start the new meds i went to bed early and laid there a good two hours trying to force a projection, nothing happened so i was a little gutted and decided to leave it for that day and try again the next day. anyway i wake in the night sweating like crap and unable to move (except my head), anyway I've had enough of the nightmares now to recognize the signs that start them. so i start getting the feeling something bad is the room with me (like i told you about before) and just for a moment i forget everything we've talked about and the things i've been researching (still fascinating me ) and start as usual to get afraid and freaked.

"THEN OUT OF NOWHERE, i realize what I'm doing and so think to myself, "nothing here can hurt me, now is the time to project" as soon as i did the intense vibration that I've been unable to get past before starts up. It lasted only a second or two before i felt like a 'pop' kind of feeling. Then I was there... out of my body, and in that moment all those little doubts about how astral projections, OBES, NDES and the such may just be part of a dream or our imaginations were gone. I can't for the life of me describe how I felt for those few moments it was so surreal, euphoric even a little enlightning, it was like I'd been shown just a tiny glimpse of .... something divine??? god?? I don't know how else to describe it. am I making sense here? if not just tell me I'm talking **** 

It didn't last long at all  not as much as I'd have liked anyway. The funny thing is I don't know what went wrong, I was trying to take into account how it was all real and the beauty of it and next I was just suddenly, in a flash, pulled back into my body. I then opened my eyes and for some reason... burst out laughing, I laughed for a long time and even my mam came in to ask what was wrong. all I could say to her was "it's all real, I just left my body" i think she thinks I was just high of the sleeping pills 

I should mention that while 'out of body' I didn't see anyone or anything else, although I definitely felt the divine(?) presence I described earlier. In fact now I think about it, it's as though the feeling was the exact opposite of what i usually feel (fear/ evil) during the 'nightmares'. Anyway all I saw was my room, only different somehow. The window and wall next to the bed were still there only semi transparent and the stars seemed to glow more brightly and seemed more close, as though I could have reached out and touched one. That's about all I took in, like I say it was over before it had really begun.. but it definitely happened, and for that I have you to thank.


p.s. Sorry for going on I just 'had' to share it all with you  

p.p.s I recommended someone on the board p.m you over the same kind of problem, hope you don't mind... thanks again"

He has since cured himself of sleep pralysis and is haveing a blast exploring AP

The other

"On one last note, I decided last night that instead of going to sleep paranoid trying to stop things from happening, I would just go with it and see what happened. I was tired and ready for bed and decided to lie down on my back. I used to always sleep this way but changed my pattern in an effort to stop the SP. So I said a little prayer, laid down and closed my eyes and began taking slow and steady breaths. I was tired, so after a couple minutes I felt a definite shift in consciousness, kinda like I was in between sleep and being awake. I used a relaxation technique my grandmother actually taught me as a child, where I concentrate on one specific part of my body and completely relax the muscles,then move on to the next part (left foot, right foot, left calf, right calf, left thigh, right thigh, left hand, right hand, left arm ......well you get the picture). Before I could even finish, as expected, I began to feel the tingling and could hear that soft roaring that increases to strong buzzing. Once the buzzing had set in, I began trying to get up or separate, but I couldn't. I was in full blown SP again, only this time the buzzing didn't seem so uncomfortable. Well, it was still uncomfortable, but not like it usually is .... and I felt no fear, but I was anxious. This happened 2 or 3 times over a period of a couple hours, but I could not separate. I kind of had the feeling that i was uncomfortable, due to the fact that i was laying on my back, because I have intentionally not slept in this position in probably at least 5 years. So I decided to turnn over, into my normal sleeping posiition and try one more time. As usual, as soon as I began to feel as though i was about to drift off to sleep, here comes the buzzing. I still couldn't get up, BUT, I was able to kinda roll or crawl into the floor if that makes sense. I got up, but I felt completely physical and awake, so i wasn't sure if it had worked or not. As I began walking, I felt as though I was a bit off-kilter, like I couldn't really navigate. That's the best way i know to explain it. I walked over to the bedroom door but when I reached to open it, I could not grab the knob. I "played" with the door for a minute and became very excited when I realized I had consciously done this, not on accident as the times before. I think I got too excited though because then I am suddenly back in bed opening my eyes LOL. but as I was moving around my room, there was no one or no presence there, as there always has been. I did notice that my cat was laying in an awkward position in the floor just at the foot of my bed, so when I actually awoke, I jumped up to see if my cat was actually there, and she was ..... so that verifies to me that it wasn't just a dream. (Not that it felt like a dream, I was completely aware) ......but for years when these things happen, I would simply pass it off as dreaming because that was easiest for me). 

Everything last night was different, I suppose because I, in a way, willed it to happen instead of fighting it and went into with as open of a mind as I possibly could. Why was I having trouble moving around though? That has never happened before, perhaps every other time i actually thought I was awake so i went about my natural movements, but this time I actually recognized what was happening?That seemed to be the only difference. 

Is it common for someone to just say, "ok, I am gonna do this" ..... and then just do it? I see where many people are writing that they are trying and it's just not happening for them. Maybe it has to do with the fact that this has been happening to me for soooo long now. It kinda seems to me like THIS has chosen me, instead of me choosing IT ..... if that makes sense. I now almost feel guilt though, that apparently so many people are trying and so for so long I have been fighting it. But I will say that afterwards, I slept very well and woke up feeling more refreshed than I can remember in MONTHS. My grandmother used to always tell me not to get all caught up in the daily bs and flow of things. And that if you can help even just 1 person during your day, that your day was worth living regardless of anything else. Even though we have only exchanged messages a few number of times, you have personally helped me more than you will ever know. Why is this happening to me and where does this go from here? I have no clue ........ But your insight has given me a different outlook on this, and I really don't think you have any way of knowing just HOW MUCH your words have helped me, but I thank you ......"

Nearly a year latter

"Hi there .... long time no chat. I hope you are doing well !! I haven't been around much lately, due to personal issues, other than online stuff that I must do for work. I replied thru this message because I was hoping you would remember me. The info you shared with me has helped sooooo much, and I want to thank you again for that. I feel as though I am definitely more in control of my SP now, and though it still happens regularly (several times a week), it is not as frightening and I am no longer paranoid about it. I have found that once in SP, I can very easily "roll out of my body", as if I am rolling out of bed. I still don't know exactly what to do or where to go, so I generally end up walking around my apartment or get so excited that I lose it and just wake back up in bed, but i am still working on that lol. I have also found that I can "control" it, to an extent ..... I can will it to happen if it is a night I want to experiment, or can shut it off as it begins, but only if in the beginning stages. I know it's been awhile, but I am hoping you dont mind if I ask you just a couple more questions......"

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I will never forget that moment either. The exact moment when you realize this subject isn't just fascinating, but that its actually real, and attainable.

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