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A man awake

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The desert of serendipity Wow!

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White Crane Feather


Vision log


June 19 2011

Well. Traveling has been dry for several weeks. A few interesting dreams. This is what happens some times before I Step off the deep end.

I am traveling to the wilderness next week as I always do this time of year. I will be vision questing, so I was thinking the of contact with spirit guides was because I will be in an altered state for nearly three days. At the moment because of anticipation I have no real desire for at home altered states.

The incredible synchronistic events have flared surrounding the dessert and the Paiute Indians. Long story short some strange synchronistic events kept popping up on television and other places always about the Paiute indians, it seemed to end when I was about to use an Indian trap to kill a gopher that keeps chewing on my tomatoes (errrrgggg). ( yup a Paiute dead fall). But like so many times this thing is just beginning.

Another set of odd events that started that very day ended with me agreeing to accompany a good friend on a drive to las Vegas basically as a designated driver. He was going to a wedding but needed someone to drive with him the next day ( for safety switch off driving responsibilities) it's about a 12 hour drive and he would be up very late partying and had to back the next day.  

These very wild things happen to me at least once a year, but I never get over them. I cannot explain the awe incredible spiritual euphoria that comes over me when they happen.

We stopped to let me out to releave myself. We are in the deep desert in nevada on hwy 95.  I'm a flint knapper, so I am interested in the lithic material in the area. Particularly the basalt. I have plenty of obsidian at home that I collected by clear lake ca. Another wild set of synchronistic events led me like bread crumbs to a large very rare obsidian spear point  that I now have and treasure as a wonderful gift from the spirits. 

I reached down and picked up a small piece of basalt that I might shape into an arrow head. About 6 feet away there is another. I pick it up. Then another..... Another..and another.

( a little background. The friend I was with is my best friend. He knows about the things I do, but he is a bit of a red neck. We don't talk much about spirituality, but he does no the story of how I was led to the obsidian spear point)

I am now in a trancelike obsession with picking up these pieces of basalt. Also mysteriously the wind suddenly starts gusting. I can hear him faintly through the wind calling me and inquiring about what I was doing ( as only a best friend can do ;) he was also making a wise crack about ........ Indian spirits ( yeah no ****). The wind soon over took his voice. 

About 50 yards out The last Piece of basalt I removed from the sand was another spear point. Awe struck. I started to cry and i dropped to my knees. I then felt those incredible pleasurable vibrations. No meditations. I thought I was going to have an obe right there on the spot in the middle of the desert. I didn't. 

I have a bad knee injury. I'm just beginning to walk around with a sever limp. My friend thought I had reinjured something. He ran out to my side. Practically in mid sentence he saw what was happening. He is very aware of how this nearly Identical scenario played out the first time. He did not say anything. Silently we went back to the car. As we got in he looks at me and says " I can't believe that just ****ing happened".  I said "welcome to my world". ( he could not stop saying that the entire drive )

It wasn't over.

On the way back today we were in a bit of a rush to return for fathers day. It was his turn to drive, I ended up having a little fun to :), I was asleep. He Wakes me up. Has been pulled over. He gets a speeding ticket. As the officer is returning to his car, I notice we are right across the street from where i found the point. I point it out to him. He again was in such shock that it dwarfed the speeding ticket. ( the odds are astronomical  ) its a huge desert.

It's not over. Hours latter we are in this little town. I was mostly lost in contemplation about this trips events. We pull over to buy fireworks at this little building in this strange broken down town ( typical of Nevada). Nevada sells really cool fireworks ( illegal in California where in live..... Sorry im not a saint :) )

I buy about $50 worth. As we are leaving I realize where we are at. A sign on the road says that we are on the Paiute reservation.  

I don't know where this is leading, but my vision quest next week ( buy the way vision quest syncronicities are popping up everywhere now) will be in the desert. Somewhere near there. I'm trying not to be, but I am very nervous. Not scared. But the power and awe of these events are just to much for men sometimes. I often wonder if I am somehow mentally I'll. Do I have some sort of complex that makes these things come together? Why me? Do I have a self importance issue?  ( no ****, as I am typing all of this there is a movie on with helicopters flying over that same desert----"Transformers"--...... It never ends)

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