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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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I Become One With the Iron-Oak Nexus



After my psychologically draining encounter with Tree Munch, I was nevertheless elated because I now was certain I knew the location of the Iron-Oak Nexus. It was now getting dark, and I was too drained to walk over to the oak where I believe contained the “unnatural iron” as described by !QXAXIQ!

I was still “buzzed” from the rather intense energy-consciousness work to induce the Tree Munch communication. I went back to my house and sat quietly, just thinking.

I knew I had a great task ahead of me: To determine the exact nature of the Iron-Oak Nexus, to somehow leverage it to lure the Man Thing Entity to his … ?“death?” ... But even if I was able to do that, how would I help Gefraim?

Removing the Man Thing Entity from the equation would only be one aspect of the task. Let’s say I killed the MTE? How would that free Gefraim? Maybe he would be able to work his way out of a vat of lard on his own, once his captor was out of the picture? Or would I only be stranding Gefraim there to die a slow horrid death in the filthy lair of the MTE?

And ... and ... damn! I was planning to meddle! I would be interfering in trans-dimensional events! I have always been loath to do this, as I have often said. I generally don’t get involved in the weird problems and activities of beings I encounter via the Ouija board. And yet, I felt compelled by a course of events -- It was almost as if I was being carried along -- I had the innutitive sense that I would have to play this to the end.

When I went to bed that night, I fell into a deep exhaustive sleep. I was like I only closed my eyes and opened them again a minute later, only to discover it was just before dawn. I found myself rested and extremely eager to get up and out and finally see this famous Iron-Oak Nexus. Being careful not to wake my lovely sleeping wife, I dressed and headed outside, and trekked into the woods toward the oak with my friend Patroklos.

It promised to be a clear and sunny day. Dew on the long prairie grass wet my shoes and dampened my jeans to the knees as I made my way to the oak. I felt a tingling sense of .. something ... excitement? ... anticipation? ... subtle energy? ... as I neared the oak. Finally, I reached the great tree. It was a significant specimen. I had noticed this tree a number of times over the years, but oaks are numerous in these woods, and I never before paid any special attention to this one, nor had reason to.

But now my mind was reaching forward like a searching laser-radar as I walked up to the mighty tree. I scanned it with intensely searching eyes, looking for anything unusual about it, anything different or out of place. I touched its wide girth, perhaps 3 feet in width at its base. I felt its rough bark under my hands. A live-green, wet-wood scent greeted my nose. I quickly noticed that this was a "double-oak" -- that it is, it was one of those trees that had divided early in its growth and cosisted of a double trunk, with the split occurring about four feet from the ground, and then the two trunks forking into the sky, spreading a broad canopy.

"The Nexus! The Nexus" kept reverberatig through my mind, my consciousness desperately trying to find it, grasp it, attempting to coax by shear will into existence if I had to!

I circled the double trunk of the oak, and when I moved around to the broad side of the tree that faced south --- AHHHHHHH!!!!! TOTAL AMAZEMENT!!!!! Embarrassingly, I cried out loud: “AHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Patroklos leaped aside and cocked ann eye at me as if I was having a spasm!

For there embedded deep within the oaken wood of the tree was a heavy bar of age-blacked iron -- some form of heavy gauge chunk of metal lodged deeply into the tree!!





The thick chunk of iron was weathered to a color that almost matched the dark-brown bark of the oak -- small wonder I had never seen this artifact on many a casual passing-by!!

It quickly became apparent to me how this piece of iron had become embedded deeply within this oak. Clearly, many years ago, perhaps nearly a century ago, someone -- most likely a pioneer farmer or woodsman who had lived near this location -- and rested a moon-shaped crescent of iron within the fork of this oak's double trunk when it was still a young tree many decades ago.

Over the years, the tree simply grew around it, absorbing it, incorporating it into the fabric of its structure -- much like the iron bed railing had been absorbed into that tree which had produced Tree Munch.

This had to be it! The Iron-Oak Nexus! I found it! Yeeeee-haaaaaa!!

I marveled!

Imagine: An Ouija board entity had hinted at some kind of confluence of iron and oak in the woods near my own home -- and true to form, here it was! Here is a picture of the Iron-Oak Nexus.

My link

Here is a wide shot of the oak tree:

My link

Well ... somehow it was incumbent upon me to leverage this hunk of metal in a tree as a tool to kill the MTE. Sound easy to you? LOL! It didn’t seem easy to me either! ... and yet ... I had a strange kind feeling ... the vast potential in the situation was there, it was palpable -- like an invisible cloud of energy hovering around me. Too many incidents had led me to this point ... the initial communications with the Gefraim and the MTE ... the information supplied by !QXAXIQ! ... the encounter with Tree Munch ... I was involved in something! I could feel it! As that line goes from that song by the rock band Rush: “I feel the sense of possibility -- I feel the wrench of hard realities!”

Suddenly, all around me, redolent in the very air, and for the first time, I could feel the world of the Dr. 58 Minnesota -- an alternate universe, perhaps only removed from my “normal” Minnesota by the veils of interdimensional separation. It is said there is but a tenuous curtain between worlds, a cosmic partitioning -- but are there also doorways? I was determined to find out!

So I made a few preparations. I went back to my house and retrieved my Zazen pillow, that which I use to sit upon in Zen meditation. I also prepared a bag of dog food, some water and a bowl for my friend Patroklos.

I returned to the oak tree, positioned my Zazen pillow about 20 feet from the oak, facing the Iron-Oak Nexus. I set out some food and water for Patroklos, then sat upon my pillow and began my meditation upon the Iron-Oak Nexus. My plan, for starters, was to spend the first hour or two in meditation upon the tree. Patroklos would do his part by hanging out with me, but more importantly, patrolling the area to keep the various critters of these woods away and from disturbing me -- deer, fox, racoons, skunks, brush wolves, bear -- if any wandered into my sphere of contemplation upon the Iron-Oak-Nexus, I could rely on Patroklos to sense or hear them from a mile off, so to speak, and he would chase them and harass them to keep them from bothering me.

I sat for about two hours in meditation, clearing my mind of everything, including anything involving goals or purposes. I simply wanted to become as one with the Ocean of Consciousness. Then, after those two hours, I began to implement a process I had learned from my work with the Monroe Institute and its Hemi-Synch technology.

In short, the great out-of-body explorer Robert Monroe had developed a method which is he used to facilitate communication with “astral beings” he met in “other realms” when he was traveling in the OBE state. It basically involved forming a “packet” of energy information and “shooting” this information at the astral being you wish to communicate with. The astral being absorbs this packet or ball of energy, and if “it” understands your communication, it “shoots” a glob of energy information back at you, which you absorb and interpret accordingly. If you’re lucky -- and skilled -- you will learn to communicate with astral being in this way. (You all should try it some time).

The Monroe Institute has audio programs that cann help you learn this technique, combined with the tones of binaural beat technology -- I have spent many, many hours practicing with these programs over some 20 years, and so I am well versed in this method of communication, which I very often use when I am in the lucid dream state, or when in the bona fide OBE state.

I had decided to use a version of this technique to establish a link between myself and the “consciousness” of the oak tree, which after all, is a living biological entity with has much access to the Ocean of Consciousness as any other living entity.

I did not have a particular message for the oak tree -- not in so many specific words, anyway -- all I began with was using my mind to form an “energy packet” which I issued forth from my consciousness -- and sent it plummeting into the oak tree. I imagined and visualized my mental energy packet absorbing into the oak tree, and then I imagined and visualized it coming back from the oak tree and being re-absorbed back into my body and brain.

After two hours of Zen meditation, I was attuned. My consciousness vibration level was high and subtle. My energy packets seemed to almost have a life of their own. Certainly, it was my intention to facilitate this process but -- this is difficult to describe -- merely that I had the "pre-notion" of what I wanted to do made everything to sort of just “happen.” I was doing it without doing it. Trying without trying. Know what I mean?

Anyway, as I sat across from the oak on my Zazen pillow, energy packets of energy, like golden bee-swarm balloons of jittering energy, began to emanate from my “Third Eye” and “shoot” into the oak, where they were absorbed by the full body of the living tree, which then effortlessly diassociated from the tree and returned to my body, where I absorbed them in turn.

Uncounted packets of bee-swarm energy balloons flew back and forth between me and the oak tree -- and before long, I began to sense the living consciousness of the oak tree. Soon it seemed that this was no longer a one-way street. That is, I began to perceive that the oak was acknowledging my presence, and rather than it being just me sending and receiving energy packets like a yo-yo between myself and tree, I definitely got the impression that the oak was formulating its own unique energy communications and sending them into me with oak-tree mind intention.

At one point during this process, I heard a crashing sound in the woods a short distance off to my right. I was dimly aware of Patroklos leaping up and charging into the brush where some barking a snarling ensues -- then the sound of chase receding into the tangled vegetation. I ignored it. I trusted Patroklos to take care of business, which he did, returning in a short while to lap some water and take up his position once again.

With each passing volley of bee-swarm energy communication packets between myself and the oak, I began to move into a greater realm of synchronization with the consciousness structure of the oak tree. Somewhere in there, the game of energy toss ended -- and thrillingly -- I suddenly felt myself floating away from my body and I felt my “Mind Self” rise up and move to a position over the top of the tree. I was in a sort of blissful state of amazement. High in the air, looking down, I set up in orbit over the top of the oak tree -- a kind of vortex seemed to be forming with the focal point of the vortex center on the green canopy of the tree, as seen from above.

The greenness of the oak leaves began to blur in a whirlpool swirl. I felt as if I was being sucked in by that whirlpool -- but as I neared the perfect center, the eye of the vortex, I found myself in a place or state of intense stillness -- I felt that which was “I” was gone -- yet still here or there, somewhere -- but the primary focus of my consciousness was TREE-NESS!

I had the feeling that I had been absorbed by the consciousness of the oak -- or more accurately, that which was “I” had become one with the oak tree.

And then I perceived something amazing -- a bending of the fabric of local reality-existence -- a disturbance in the “consciousness-entity-structure-force” of the oak consciousness -- it was like a tiny black hole, a tiny curvature forming a gravity well -- a whirlpool within a whirlpool -- it was the chunk of iron melded within the physical matrix of the oak mind-physical tree structure.






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