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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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I Search the Astral/Dream World for Clues About Dr. 58



The evening of my rather frustrating Ouija session in which I was pushed off to “the not necessarily human” Buulde, Adjutant to the Staff Guild, I decided to do some work to bolster certain energies, and then later, I hoped to induce a deep and intense lucid dream.

After my experience with the Iron-Oak Nexus, I have become increasingly intrigued about finding a "doorway" into the world of the Dr. 58 Minnesota – rather than just gleaning information about it second hand from the Ouija board.

I’m thinking: What if I can visit Dr. 58’s Universe via some kind of access through the dream world? The possibility it intriguing – perhaps I could eve meet Dr. 58 “in person” via some mutual platform in some dimension tangential to the dream world, or even the so-called “astral plane” when one is going OBE?

Anyway, I first wanted to give myself a sort of “recharge” or refresher of my ability to generate the Energy Bar Tool – since this seems to becoming increasingly important for me as a form of “cosmic currency” to do things like pay the Arbiter of the Hassas Grid for time with Dr. 58 – and as you read, I was able to parlay C-Chits to Tree Munch in exchange for information on the Iron-Oak Nexus.

Here is a picture of my Energy Bar Tool tape (that’s right, I still use cassette tape! I’m primitive!)


At about 10:30 p.m. I lied down in bed, put the headphones on, and ran the Energy Bar Tool program. This takes about 45 minutes – part of my reason for this was to get into a deeper state of relaxation, and “resno-tune” my body and mind for the “Main Event” of the rest of the night – which I hoped would be an extremely focused, controlled and intense lucid dream and or OBE state journey.

So after completing the EBT exercise, I chose the “Free Flow 12” program next, and settled back to run this as I hoped to transition into the hypnogogic state – and from their launch myself into the “Inner Worlds” so to speak.

Here is a photo of my Free Flow 12 tape.


I used the Free Flow 12 to map out what I hoped to do – to launch myself into the Dream World or Astral World and then ….? Then I would begin to send out feelers for The Doorway! The Doorway to the world of Dr. 58! Wooo-hoooo!!!

But as I have come to learn over may decades of this kind of dabbling in such esoteric practices – you never know what you are going to find, or where you are going to end up!

In this particular case – I ended up landing, once again, at one of my favorite “Dream World" Locations – The Restaurant On the Edge of Time – or as I have come to call it for short, The RET!

For those of you who are not familiar with my journeys to The RET, please see my UM column here Restaurant on the Edge to familiarize yourself with this bizarre and wonderful location.

This turned out to be one of the most mind-blowing experiences I have ever had in The RET. (Aren’t they all?) I won’t say I found what I was looking for – a Doorway into the Universe of Dr. 58 – but I did find a 100% amazing clue!! AHHHHHH!!! Interesting, yet frustrating!

In my next post, I will describe my journey to The RET, and the tantalizing clue I found out about Dr. 58’s Alternate Minnesota!



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I was wondering when you would get back to the RET!

I need to meet you there for a drink sometime.


I'll give it a fly-by;-)

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Meeting for a drink at The RET might be more possible than you think, Albatross. Over the years, the place has taken on a life of its own so to speak -- It's becoming more difficult to feed myself the fiction that is part of my personal lucid dream scenario -- it seems to have an independent objective existence -- unfortunately, that is still only my subjective theory.

On the other hand, there are many dream-like aspects to the enviroment -- the ultimate would be if I and a friend could agree to meet there while we're both alseep, do so, and compare notes when we wake. But yet -- this sounds like a straighforward way to look at things from our everyday mundane perspective in a Newtonian world -- but The RET and our ability to travel there innvolves many complexities, and a different kind of physics, I believe -- which I will bore no one with right now.

Cheers, Albatross!

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If you ever find a gateway to his universe, please teach us too how to find it. I want to go there too and is willing even if it means the risk of getting stuck in a vat of lard.

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