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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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I Am Offered a Meal of 'Dinosaur Bird' Steak at The RET



So, after the Free Flow 12 program clicked to a stop, I was extremely focused, and was able to take off the headphones with minimal disturbance to my subtle state of attunement.

I observed carefully as my body and mind drifted toward sleep, but I was able to keep my ego-based consciousness awake. I made a smooth transition to the hypnogogic state, and presently felt the airy, light weightless feeling of “mind-awake, body-asleep” mode.

I easily “lifted” out of my sleeping physical body and felt the magnetic pull of The Starry Tunnel. See: The Starry Tunnel. I plunged into the maw of it’s buzzing whine and flits of light, carrying me along at unimaginable speed and force – and suddenly – WHUMP!

I moment of disorientation. I open my “eyes” look around at where the cosmic crap shoot of The Starry Tunnel – and I am delighted to find myself in The Restaurant on the Edge of Time.


As always, I take a moment to adjust. I look down and stare fixedly at the strange fractal patterns on the flooring of The RET, and as always, it helps me solidify myself in the lucid dream state (if that’s what this is) until I feel firmly in control of myself in this environment.

The first thing I always do at The RET is move over to the gigantic, solarium-type wall of glass that looks out onto the ancient landscape. Over my years of coming to The RET, I have seen some amazing sights out there – and this time is no exception.

It is nighttime and dark back where my body sleeps in Minnesota, but here it is a bright day with golden sun streaming down from of a vibrant blue sky. There, out on the tundra-like landscape, I see something remarkable – MEGA GIGANTIC BIRDS!

There are three of them. They must be easily three our four times the size of an ostrich. I think the closest species I can relate them to would be the Dyatrima, which might have looked like this:


But these looked even bigger than the Dyatrima. They almost looked like a T-rex with feathers, yet more birdlike. Here is what was even stranger – all three of the "Dyatrimas" were running around like chickens trying to catch a frog – except it wasn’t a frog in this case. The dinosaur birds were trying their best to snatch what looked like a bright stainless steel bowling ball – or maybe a giant ball bearing the size of a basketball.

The bright ball of metal was rolling around on the as if it had its own mind and purpose, not just random rolling – the dinosaur birds were prancing about, brutally jabbing at it with their mighty horny beaks. They scored many direct hits, but the hard metal skin of the ball was an easy match to ward off their cruel beaks.

Then one of the Dyatrima’s managed to pick the ball up, and seemed to get an electrical shock, forcing it to drop the ball! When I was a kid, I once saw a chicken touch an electric fence on my uncle’s farm – squawk! Jump! Flap! – that’s kind of what this was like.

The giant bird that got beak-shocked loped away at amazing speed, and the stainless steel ball continued to harass the other two giant birds, who still tried to nail the ball – I think they found it difficult to ignore a pretty shiny object, like fish attracted to a lure.

I was mesmerized by the odd spectacle, and was startled when I felt someone touch my elbow! I flinched and turned – and, ahhhhh!, there she was, the agonizingly lovely Goddess-Waitress of The RET – looking more stunning than ever!

“Oh Ken, you’re back,” the gorgeous woman purred. “I’m so happy to see you!”

The sexual pheromone onslaught was immediate and powerful. Today the Goddess-Waitress wore a simple, but stunning frock, a dress the color of dark chocolate, fitting elegantly to her petite frame and pleasantly busty chest. Her skirt was cut tastefully yet provocatively above the knee.

“H …h… hello to you as well … (I always stammer and struggle when I first confront the waitress – I wish I could capture in words the total hotness of this charming creature).

Struggling to recover, I say, “I have to tell you, that is the most lovely, tasteful outfit I have ever seen on a woman. What is that material?”

The Goddess-Waitress smiled demurely and turned him luminous eyes up at me. She said: “Tasteful is just the right word. This dress is made of chocolate.”

“What!? You’re wearing a chocolate dress? That is, like so …”

Before I could say anymore, the Goddess-Waitress reached to her sleeve and tore off a small strip of her chocolate dress, and before I could protest, she reached up and popped it into my gaping mouth!

I stepped back, surprised, but I already felt the delicious, silky chocolate melting in my mouth. Ohhh! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Holy buckets! … it was sublimely, heavenly delicious chocolate!! I practically went into a trance!

The Goddess-Waitress clearly could see I was blissed by the taste, so she proceeded to tear a strip of chocolate from her skirt, uncovering a sultry portion of her upper leg, offering me more chocolate.

With supreme effort, I backed away and said, weakly: “No, no … I just don’t think it’s a good idea to be eating any more of your dress.”

(Important Note: In the lucid dream/astral world, powerfully sexually charged situations are always an ever present “danger” – that is, it’s extremely tempting to just forget any higher purpose you came into the dream world for in the first place and plunge into erotica – but also - because I am an experienced enough lucid dream traveler, I realized this was probably a test.

By resisting this super-charged electric chocolate sex situation, I would be granted access to my higher purposes at The RET. Not saying there is anything wrong with Astral Sex, I’m just saying it’s incredibly easy to get distracted this way. And please, everyone, shelve your observations about the Freudian symbolism of eating a chocolate dress off of a beautiful woman. Thank you.)

Anyway, the Goddess-Waitress returned the strip of chocolate back to her skirt, and it magically melded back into the “fabric” of the dress. Then she looked at me with a pleasing look. I asked her:

“What kind of giant birds are those out there, and what is that silver bowling ball out there with them?”

The Goddess-Waitress glanced out into the landscape. She said:

“We generally don’t have specific names for those kind of things. We just see them for what they are. I can tell you one thing; they’re on the menu today. Would you like to try some?”

I don’t know why I let anything at The RET surprise me, but it always does. “You mean someone here on your staff went out and killed one of those giant birds and roasted it!!!”

“Something like that anyway,” she said. “Why don’t you go find a place to sit, and I’ll bring you a nice steak.”

“Okay, but wait! What is that silver ball out there? Maybe some kind of scientific probe studying the birds?”

The Goddess-Waitress, speaking in a bland tone, said: “Oh, that’s Pandit Magnneson.”

“What? That’s what you call that big ball bearing out there? It has a name? Pandit Magneson? Don’t tell me!”

“Don’t tell you what?” she said.

Me stammering …. “Well, I mean, that silver ball has a name, like it was a person??? What IS it?”

The Goddess-Waitress said: “The Pandit comes here often for his studies.”

“What do you mean ‘The Pandit’? Is that like, his title, or what?”

“Yes, Pandit Magnneson. He is a scholar or scientist of some kind.”

(Note: Later I Googled the term ‘Pandit’ and, indeed, it is a term used in the Hindu tradition. It is somewhat equivalent to ‘professor’ or ‘scholar’ I did not know this prior to my journey to The RET).

“Well, is he a robot, or some kind of artificial life form?”

“Perhaps the distinctions you make are not so meaningful.”

“Forgive me – this is just so … strange! Where is Pandit Magnneson from? I mean, this seems so ridiculous! His name sounds Scandinavian!”

“Beings of all kinds from many realms and dimensions of existence come here – like you, for example,” the Goddess-Waitress said. “Perhaps you will be able to speak with Pandit if he stops by after his work.”

With that, the Goddess-Waitress winked at me, and whirled away. I watched her pretty form in sumptuous chocolate glide away. Oh my.

I looked back out at the crazy spectacle of Pandit Magnneson tormenting the giant dinosaur birds, then tore my eyes away and looked around the interior of The RET to see what was going on, who was here. Business was unusually brisk today, many others were in The RET … and here, I am going to leave out a rather large portion of my total experience on this trip.

That’s because my findings on this particular visit could probably comprise 10 pages (this is already getting to long!) – I’ll just say I noticed some peculiar people – and I later learned that these were “The Hidden People”.

I don’t mean to tease you – and I promise I will tell you about The Hidden People in a future post. But to move things along here, I’ll leave the story of The Hidden People and my relation to them in another post. Although this IS significant because I think The Hidden People may provide a clue to Dr. 58’s Minnesota Universe. More later.

But as I was looking around The RET, I noticed something I had never seen here before. Festooned along and among the blackened timbers of the roof above and down the walls in various places, I noticed an exceedingly odd kind of vine.

There, near the entrance of The RET, these vines were about twice the thickness of a rope, perhaps, but I could see as they receded back further into the vast interior of the place, and they grew thicker and more robust.

The outer surface of the vines was rather peculiar … at first glance it looked to me as if they were made of half tree bark, and half human skin – sort of a rough combination of the two – or maybe it was as if they were half octopus tentacle and half woody plant. (UGH! This is such a challenge to describe properly!)

Also at various points along the vines were toothy, diamond-shaped leaves, but there was also something else – small bunches of different kinds of leaves – like small bunches of cabbage plants growing widely interspaced on the surface of the vine.

As I moved further into The RET, and where the vines grew thicker in girth, I saw that what was growing in the middle of the cabbage leaves was not a head of cabbage or some other vegetable– but what looked exactly like a human brain!!!

Since this is getting rather lengthy – I will end here for now – and continue in the next post. Coming next:

* I learn more about the bizarre entity, Pandit Magnneson.

* The nature of the “Brain Vine Tentacles” provides an important clue about Dr. 58

* I dine on an incredibly delicious and savory dinosaur-bird steak, and get into a small jam trying to get some ketchup in The RET.

And more ….

Everyone is welcome and happy at: MINNESOTA PARANORMALA


Recommended Comments

Not being facetious at all here when I tell you that I often fall for the sex-trap in my lucid dreaming state. It happens quite often, that one minute you might be pursuing something quite profound, and then the next, you are completely distracted by some beautiful woman.

It can railroad the experience until you learn to stay focused. I'm proud of you!;-)

It doesn't help that the experiences in that state can be so damned sensual either!

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It's a major deal, Albatross. Even the great lucid dream pioneer Stephen LeBerge himself discusses this issue, and gives an example of a time when he became lucid in a dream in which he was driving a red sports car, and he sees thihs sexy hitchhiker up ahead ... then he says he knows what is about to happen, and decided, this time, to drive right past her, and he goes on to have a transcendent experience.

Again, it shoud be stated their is absolutely nothing wrong with erotic elements of the lucid dream, and I am in no way judgmental of this kind of thing. You might say the lucid dream world is like Las Vegas: "What happens in the lucid dream world stays in the lucid dream world." (lol)

The great OBE guy Robert Monroe also mentions this aspect of his OBE practice, and he says it took him a long time to discipline himself to sometimes by pass all teh wild and easy sex in the "other worlds." Like you say, Albatross, it can be marvelously sensual, a nd extremely difficult to simply pass up -- but one can lucid dream all they want once they get good at it -- so, well, there's plenty of opportunity for everything.

It's all very interesting. Happy dreaming, oh fellow onieronaut!

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