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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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I Witness Many Baffling Events at The RET



So then…..

I forgot to tell you this in the previous entry – when I first noticed the strange vines crawling around among ceiling beams and along the walls of The RET, I was very curious about the leaf bunches on the vines – but they were too high up for me to inspect them closely from my position on the floor.

Thus, I was required to levitate up to where I could get a better look, which I did.

Because I can generally levitate in the lucid dream state, this was not a problem – except that, I have this sort of intuitive notion that levitating inside The RET is frowned upon -- and the only reason I think so is that I never see any of the other guests do so.

It’s like there is an unspoken rule or perhaps this is not proper etiquette – so after a brief look at the brain growth, I slipped back down to the floor. (The Hidden People found this quite amusing apparently. No one else seemed to notice my little demonstration).Anyway, the first “brain bunch” I inspected was rather tiny – like a fully formed human brain about the size of a walut.

Back on the floor, and as I proceeded deeper into the confines of The RET, I observed the vines grew thicker and larger, and there were more, larger, well-developed brain growths.

Now I will try to give you some idea of the floor plan of The RET, and here also is a crude drawing I made, which I hope is large enough -- you might need to download it and view it on your own photo thingy, or whatever:


As I walk along the center aisle of The RET, on the right is the gigantic solarium wall, and next to that tables are set up so that people and various “entities” can dine while enjoying the sunshine and looking out at the ancient landscape.

What’s on the other side of the center aisle, to my left, is rather difficult to describe and exceedingly strange, so I’ll leave that alone for now.

But this “strange area” opposite of the solarium tables area ends perhaps about 50 feet into The RET, and around the corner to the left is a vast wing where there is a huge dining area. This wing is perpendicular to the solarium area, and has a pleasantly darker atmosphere of subdued lighting.

I call this simply the “Left Hall” dining area. The tables are made of blackened hardwood, they have thick square legs, and the tabletops are heavy slabs of wood perhaps 4 inches thick.

Briefly, I’ll say the atmosphere in the Left Hall of The RET is decidedly Victorian, despite the more rustic, minimalist tables and chairs – the walls are mauve, there are chandeliers overhead, and some wall mounted plasma torches of some kind – and these are quite bizarre as well, and I won’t describe them here.

At any rate – and this is interesting -- there is a vast area which borders the Left Hall which I call the “Night Section.”

This dark area – “The Night Section” – is separated from the Left Hall by a transparent “energy wall,” like some kind of force field. One can see through the force field into the Night Section, but I cannot move across this barrier – although I have not given it my best shot. (I probably could).

There are tables set up in the Night Section, and there are strange beings moving about in there, sitting, and dining, but sometimes also flying around, sometimes loping or hopping – some of the entities in the Night Section are clearly humanoid winged beings of some kind – at any rate, I think the Night Section is for those entities who can only subsist in darkness, or prefer a night setting, you know, like owls or bats.

I shouldn’t get too side tracked on the Night Section … I’ll just say that it’s endlessly fascinating to try to glimpse the strange beings that inhabit that area of The RET, to see what they are doing and eating, (which I suspect is not pleasant).

Sometimes eerie and odd sounds come drifting across – fluting hoots and keening shrieks -- distorted by the energy wall force field barrier, I presume.

Sometimes the Night Beings stare out at us “Day Creatures” – it’s a tingly feeling to be eyed by a winged being with gigantic nocturnal eyes, and with a body seemingly made of all black leather for skin, and scales, but still basically human-like in many respects, if you don’t count the wings and the gigantic, probing orb-eyes.

So anyway, with a glance toward the Night Section, I look for a table – but here in the Left Hall I discover the source of the strange Brain Vine – on the far right wall of the Left Hall is what at first looks something like a large fireplace – except I would say this is probably a stony volcanic fissure that terminates and opens up here into the Left Hall.

Down from this massive shaft is where the huge primary trunk of the vine emerges and gains entrance into The RET, spreading out wherever it will throughout the interior of this strange place.

On the thickest section of the vine are large bunches of cabbage like leaves with large human-like brains nestled within them. The brains are moist looking, and perhaps it’s only my imagination, but they seem to pulsate a bit.

All very fascinating!

So anyway, I chose a table and have a seat, and within minutes, the goddess-Waitress glides across the room and sets down a wonderful goblet of “Million Year Wine” – a golden elixir with a flavor and taste beyond compare! She tells me my Dyatrima steak will be out shortly.

But she is also carrying with her what looks to me like a glob of reddish bread dough – and to my huge surprise – she walks over to a section of the Brain Vine near the volcaic entrance shaft and she shouts what I think was “TIMMER!”

– at this, an orifice or mouth of some kind opens in a section of the Brain Vine, and the Goddess-Waitress feeds the dough into the opening!

Before I can ask the Goddess-Waitress more about this, she walks briskly away and crosses over to the energy wall barrier, dissolves through it, and I see her walking off into the gloom of the Night Section!


I sit back and sip my goblet of Million Year Wine, and I suddenly hear what sounds like a bowling ball rolling across a wooden floor – but I realize the sound is coming from above.

I look up at the ceiling of the Left Hall, and sure enough, out from an opening in the ceiling drops a bright, stainless steel orb the size of a basketball. It’s Pandit Magnneson! He drops out of the ceiling and lands with a heavy crash on top of another table, perhaps just 15 feet from where I sit.

I’m amazed that Pandit Magnneson did not shatter the surface of the table – hardwood or not – but there seemed to be no damage done.

Since Pandit Magnneson apparently was “dining” alone, I was about to get up and ask him if I could join him -- when a large woman with broad shoulders, perhaps about 8 feet tall, wearing a black hooded robe, and with a marvelously intricate guitar-like instrument strapped across her back. She saunters up and takes a chair at Pandit’s table.

The giant woman sets down her gorgeous gleaming musical instrument, doffs her black hood. She has hair like an 80s-era metal rocker. I would describe her face as “handsome” in a feminine sort of way. She begins speaking to Pandit Magnneson in a strange language, of a kind I cannot relate to any language I know.

I get the impression the giant rocker chick is upset with Pandit Magnneson. I hear Pandit make no sound. He just sits there like a silver bowling ball – but apparently, the woman seems to be receiving information from him, because they seem to be having a two-way discussion. Perhaps Pandit Magnneson communicates with telepathy.

As I observe this strange couple, the Goddess-Waitress returns, this time she is carrying what looks like a gigantic roasted turkey drum stick – it’s about 4-feet long – and interestingly, she floats it along by placing just one finger on it. It’s like she has anti-gravity abilities to float large objects.

She takes the giant roasted drum stick to the Brain Vine, and this time she shouts: “ARTISAN FLAVIUS AFRICANUS!”

The maw of the Brain Vine opens, and she shoves the huge roasted hunk of meat into it.

What the hell is this all about??!! I claw at my intellect to understand. She shouted "TIMMER" when she had the red dough, and now called the name of an ancient Roman! Hmmmmm. So “Timmer” got the red dough, and “Flavius Africanus” got a huge chunk of meat – but where are these people? Inside the Brain Vine? !Yowzer!

The Goddess-Waitress retreats again, and now the conversation between the giant rocker chick and Pandit Magnneson is obviously getting very heated, and some bizarre things start to happen.

The woman bangs her big fist on the table and starts shouting at Pandit Magnneson.

Suddely, a small liquid glob detaches itself from Pandit Magnneson – like a blob of mercury – and this forms into a silver sphere about the size of a baseball. This sphere floats off and away – I think that Pandit Magnneson has launched a tiny probe of some kind.

The large woman then reaches into her robe. She takes out a box, about the size of a shoe box.

She reaches inside the box and takes out what looks very much like a metallic, robotic dragonfly.

She activates the robot dragonfly, and it flits off in pursuit of the probe sent out by Pandit Magnneson.

The woman and Pandit continue to argue. Her voice grows more thunderous. She points an accusing finger at Pandit Magnneson!!

Suddenly, Pandit rolls across the table toward the giant rocker chick – a small orifice opens on the surface of his sphere body – and Pandit Magnneson craps out a large pile of steaming **** right in front of her!!

She cries out in disgust, lurches backward and away from the noxious smell of Pandit’s fresh pile of odorous dung – her chair falls backward. She hits her head on the floor hard – but she jumps up quickly – but Pandit Magnneson has already rolled off the table, lands on the floor with a crash, and with great speed, goes rolling into the Night Section, passing with ease through the force field wall.

The giant rocker chick follows, but stops short, as if she does not dare pass through the force field – maybe she can’t, or maybe she is afraid of entering the Night Section. She dusts herself off, and as she walks back to the table to collect her guitar, her metallic dragonfly comes flitting back into the room – clutched in it’s insect legs is the probe of Pandit Magnneson.

This seems to please the giant rocker chick. She takes the probe sphere from her robot dragonfly servant. She takes out a black sack and deposits the probe into it. She opens the box, and the dragonfly settles back in. She tucks both sack and box back into her robes, slings her guitar across her back, and walks out of the Left Hall with rather poor dignity.

Presently, a small squad of imps come running into the Left Hall – they make quick work of cleaning up Pandit Magnneson’s “deposit.” The set the chair back upright and they scurry back out with great speed.

(At this point, the Goddess-Waitress brings out for me a large platter containing my Dyatrima steak – but I am going to omit my experience eating this and “the ketchup incident” for now, and will describe this in a future post).

Anyway, while I was enjoying my delicious, savory steak to the Nth Degree and washing it down with gulps of Million Year Wine – the Goddess-Waitress again returns with a food item for the Brain Vine.

On a tray, she carried a thick flat disk of what looked to me like a kind of cheese made from nut flour. She sets the tray down, and from a glass flask pours and coats the large disk of nut cheese with an oily substance. Over this, she sprinkled a generous amount of tiny nuts, that look something like sesame seeds, I suppose.

Then she takes out a tinfoil like substance – she places the tinfoil sheet over the nutty cheese-nut cake. The foil automatically wraps around the food item –it’s like it shrink wraps itself with a will of its own, forming a wrinkle-free smooth covering around the disk of nut-cheese.

Then she takes the item over to the Brain Vine mouth and shouts: “FATHER RESTON VROMIN!” The Brain Vine opens its mouth and accepts the item, swallowing it.

With a wink for me, the Goddess-Waitress hurries away and disappears across the energy force field wall, and I see her beautiful figure recede into the darkness of the Night Section.



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