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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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Shattered by the Cosmic Brain Vine!



And so now I want to get back to talking about more of my experiences on that (always) mind-boggling trip to The Restaurant on the Edge of Time (The RET).

You might be wondering or asking: “You mean you got all this information from one dream trip to The RET???”

Yes, and this has always been a major challenge for me, and I’m sure for others who strive to experience, report on and write about journeys to trans-dimensional worlds, be it a lucid dream platform, or some other mode of reality.

The thing about learning to exist and operate in these trans-consciousness environments is handling the way one absorbs tremendous amounts of information.

Remember: When one is in the lucid dream/astral world, one is to longer limited to the five senses. Rather, you are taking in vast amounts of information – absorbing whole quanta-packets of experience and information directly into your sphere of consciousness.

That, combined with the situation that one is no longer operating under a system of time that is the same as that illusory system we use in our waking lives – makes for a very significant challenge in absorbing and processing experience and information.

How long did this “dream” last – this lucid dream that was my single trip to The RET. Well, in our time, it was about 20 minutes. Yes, that’s it was all from our time perspective. But in that 20 minute dream period, my “time” at The RET seemed like several hours. Sometimes you can awaken from a relatively short dream disoriented because it seems like so much time has gone by – and in a way it has – trans-dimensionally speaking.

Of course, this is a whole can of worms with many tangled and thorny implications – but I’ll leave this subject aside for now, but challenging all you, Dear Readers, to contemplate, (a) The illusory, artificial way we determine time here and (B) what it might be like to absorb huge “quanta-packets” of information, which one must learn to unfold and sort out in a time-frame that makes sense back in our world.

So now back to my experience at The RET:

You can probably only imagine how astounded I was to hear the Goddess-Waitress announce the name of FATHER RESTON VROMIN there at The RET, and then observe her feed a piece of fancy nut-cheese into the Brain Vine entity – obviously holding some kind of bizarre connection with Father Vromin of Dr. 58’s world!

And it was almost as if the Goddess-Waitress ( ?? just what is her true nature?? ) was making a special show of this for my sake! Or maybe that’s a bit presumptuous?

Anyway, after shooting me one of her patented baited “winks” she quickly left before I could flag her down for the Third Degree. Of course, the fact that the Brain Vine bore some obvious connection to Father Vromin made me eager to investigate.

I got up from my table where I had devoured the delicious Dyatrima steak with RIAL-K brand ketchup, and walked over to the Brain Vine. Up close, the Brain Vine is intimidating – alive, respirating, pulsating with internal life, moist, smelling of wood and living animal flesh, brain buds blossoming – a thing of maximum weirdness!

It had more the “energy feel” of a bloated python than some kind of vegetative feel, if you know what I mean.

Where the Brain Vine was emerging from the volcanic shaft opening, it had the thickness of a large tree – perhaps three feet in diameter. I didn’t like the idea of approaching too closely, or touching it – but I had a burning intuitive desire to look up the volcanic shaft to see if I could discover anything more about its source or origin.

Moving gingerly, and keeping away from the Brain Vine, I inched up to the volcanic shaft, stepped into it and tilted my head up --- !!!!!!! AND WOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know what I was expecting, but what I saw was the last thing I expected!

The volcanic shaft was not like some massive dark chimney, or even a rocky volcanic fissure.

No, for looking up the shaft, what I saw as an unimaginably vast cosmic vista!

Up there, the Brain Vine ascended into outer space, trailing and stretching magnificently off into the infinite cosmos! The Vine receded away, exteding into the immeasurable distance on and on, until the far end of it shrunk into the cosmic chasm, from three-foot trunk, to rope, to thinnest thread – and it led directly into the center of a massive whirlpool galaxy wheeling majestically in the unlimited panorama of black space, punctuated by billions and trillions of stars!





It was too much for me to hold onto the to lucid dream state, and the form of my astral body.

I was sucked up the shaft of infinity and sent hurling into undifferentiated vastness!

In the infinitesimal micro-second of time-space between the rupturing of every electro-particle of my consciouss being and my mega-dispersion mega-explosion out into !! THE VAST ALL !! I was able to scream just one thing:

FAAAATHEEEERRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



… and I was sent careening toward the black hole at the center of galaxy.




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Why didn't ya tell me you had new entries? Though I didn't tell you I have new entries as well...

Anyway, I was wondering if I could experience similar things?



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Your photos there remind me that of ALL the images we have ever seen...we have NEVER seen one of our OWN Galaxy that looks like that. We can only see the Milky Way edge on!

In fact, they recently discovered a whole arm of the Milky Way that astronomers had no previous knowledge of. It was behind another arm and previously obscured. It only contained about 30 Billion suns.

Worlds without number eh?

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