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A man awake

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In light if recent events.

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White Crane Feather


In light of recent events, I have decided to to create a mental program that will flood my dreams with an intense white light. This white light will be built on every positive feeling I have ever had. Every photon will be contain everything good I have every experienced.

I will go on a vision quest in a few weeks, and during a deep life review meditation I will acumulate a nuclear bomb of positive energy.

If I sense any sort of dream manipulation the mental program will be designed to detonate and put me in that warm place of sleep. I'm not sure I care if I remember or not. Probably not.

After talking with a friend this what I have decided to do. Any negative forces even close to me will be pushed out.

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White Crane Feather


Mostly a decision. I found out long ago that I could just make a strong desire to do something in dreams and if I was stubborn enough it would happen. Then with a little practice it becomes a habit.

I will be doing some meditations to gather the strength and power of the light, and I have also been calling it forth in altered states.

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White Crane Feather


Yes the old return to fast feeling. Dosnt happen to me, but I have herd it many times. Your concousness exploration will have dry spells. Learning to clense yourself is important.

As I sent you in pm. Daydreaming early in the morning. Eyes closed. If you hit it just right your daydreams can turn into profound revelations, increadible plans, even entire possabilities in life. The trick is to remember everything you learned . It's like becomeing a super genius for a few moments but then loosing the brilliance and forgetting 98% of what you created. if you do it a 100 times in a year and fully develop the idea in those spaces, you are capable of nearly anything. See the movie "limitless".

I have written whole songs, entire businesses and brilliant marketing plans, things that i am sure could even change the world .... In only moments. Only to loose it all after returning to normal.

So yes daydream in the Morning after wakeing watch what happens.

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