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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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Am I A Step Closer to the Doorway to Dr. 58's World?



So now, many of you may be wondering where I “landed” after being sucked into outer space through the volanic fissure in The RET, and after I was seemingly was blasted toward the massive black hole at the center of the whirlpool galaxy -- and which seemed to be the origin of the Cosmic Brain Vine.

To be honest, I have no idea if I made it to the Black Hole because after that shattering disassociation from the lucid dream state, there was a KA-WUMP – and BLAM! I woke up back in my good old physical body in bed!

It was something like 3:30 a.m., but I jumped out of bed and was going to shout “Wooo-hoooo!!!” because of the thrilling “ride” I had just been on –

(In 40 years of this kind of practice, let me tell you, it never gets old, the thrill is intense!)

-- but I had to keep it quiet because my beautiful wife was sleeping soundly.

Instead I got up for a while, and Patroklos and I went outside and strolled around under a lovely starry sky, while I attempted to sort out the bonanza of information I had received on my trip to The RET.

I have been an addicted amateur astronomer since I was a little boy, and there under the stars, I looked up at the constellation Pegasus, and with averted vision, glimpsed that tiny smudge of light that is the Andromeda galaxy. I thought: “Wow, it the real key to genuine space travel with the human mind, and not all the mechanical hardware….? (But I digress).

After some communion with the stars, I went back inside to write down my experiences and make some notes.

(Note: I still have not told you about my encounter with The Hidden People, and perhaps I will do that in the next post.)

But as I sat down to make notes on my RET experience, I decided also to review what I knew about Father Reston Vromin – whom as you know – has been a strange and constant presence is the Dr. 58 saga, almost from the beginning.

At times, I have expected the Father Vromin figure to simply disappear from this whole mess or recede into the background fabric of events, and yet, Vromin – or Old Cave – seems to keep working his way back into all this drama.

I find myself wondering more about the nature and relationship between Dr. 58 and Reston Vromin. So for the sake of clarity, let’s review what we have learned about Vromin:

• Father Reston Vromin was originally a Catholic Priest from Dr. 58’s New York City. (Note that the version of Catholicism in Dr. 58’s world is wildly different from the Catholic tradition we have in our world).

• Father Vromin embarked on a missionary quest to Dr. 58’s Minnesota, hoping to bring the power of Christ to all the madness and weirdness of the strange lunacy over there..

• Father Vromin returned from Minnesota to New York some years later, withered and shrunken, and he had basically lost his identity as Father Reston Vromin, becoming “Old Cave.”

• Old Cave, aka, Ft. Vromin, is then became an eccentric, ranting, yet intellectual street preacher.

• Father Vromin bears a strange birthmark on his face. It is “S” shaped. This helped identify him as the original Father Vromin and not a Minnesota doppelganger. (Note: Could the birthmark have any significance? I doubt it, but still ….)

• Old Cave apparently confronted and mastered at least some portion of the ancient “Verdantic Mysteries” while in Minnesota. Followers of Old Cave recorded at least part of the Verdantic Mysteries onto a scroll.

• Dr. 58 was able to purchase a copy of the Verdantic Mysteries Scroll from a street criminal.

Dr. 58 is obviously an "Old Cave groupie," attending his street rants often, hungry for the strange information and philosophy he developed while inside the magical borders of Minnesota.

Of course, those of you who have been reading all of the Dr. 58 transcripts know that I have actually confronted Father Vromin -- or what I thought was at least some aspect of Father Vromin’s personality-consciousness-construct in the lucid dream/astral state.

From that encounter – and then in sorting out what I learned with MOMMY – I have determined that “person” which Dr. 58 knows as Old Cave may not be a person at all, but rather, a “Mimic Ego” being -- ? projected ? – into Dr. 58’s world by some kind of “Hive Mind Entity” – it is this Hive Mind Entity which somehow absorbed the person of Father Reston Vromin in Minnesota.

So the Hive Mind Entity is projecting Father Vromin as Old Cave onto the New York streets of Dr. 58’s world.


But now after my journey to The RET, I know just a little more. I almost certainly saw a physical manifestation of the Hive Mind Entity – this was the freaky Cosmic Brain Vine.


Is Father Reston Vromin one of the “brains” growing on the Body of the Cosmic Brain Vine?

Or does the one of the “brains” on the vine represent Old Cave?

Or is there a brain on the vine that is a combination of Vromin and Cave?

But wait a minute … the Goddess-Waitress clearly prepared a meal of some kind that was intended for Father Vromin!

And we also know that the brain vine contains other personalities, such as some Roman dude by the name of Falvius Africanus.

One can speculate on a scenario: The Cosmic Brain Vine is some kind of entity which absorbs the bodies and personalities of individuals across most likely multiple dimensions of existence, and perhaps many different eras of time.

Here’s what’s really amazing: I have finally found at least some point of intersection between the Universe of Dr. 58 and my own world – The Restaurant on the Edge of Time!

I know the Cosmic Brain Vine has a presence in Dr. 58’s Minnesota – that’s where it absorbed Father Vromin, I presume.

The Cosmic Brain Vine can also manifest a presence at The RET.

I can travel to The RET!

Now the question is: Will this provide an actual “Doorway” for me to eventually step through to enter Dr. 58’s Strange Universe or at least the forbidden area of Dr. 58’s Minnesota?

I wonder if I might be able to “climb” the Cosmic Brain Vine across the unimaginable distance of intergalactic space to reach it’s origin?? Where will it lead? Is it rooted in Dr. 58’s Minnesota? YEEEEOOOOWWW!!!!

Mind boggling!

Certainly, I have developed a certain “bag of tricks” in my long decades of consciousness exploration, but I think I would have to be a veritable “Consciousness Wizard” to pull off some of the things I really would like to accomplish.

Well, these are some of my stream-of-consciousness thoughts on all this. You readers are more removed from all this than I am. Perhaps from your standpoint of objectivity, you can offer an opinion as well … I wonder if I am missing anything obvious?

Ow Well.

Next, I want to tell you about The Hidden People at The RET.





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Yeah something doesn't sound right about that entity... Absorbing a person and changing their personality? Sounds pretty dangerous. I'd be careful if I were you Iron.

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I was going to say the same thing as Robin!

I wonder how the Vine & the RET first "met"..or when it first started to grow into the RET..or did the RET grow around it..? :P

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I am reminded of the system of "tubes" in the film and book "Contact" by Carl Sagan.

The concept was a somewhat simple one. A consciousness that predates known space and time created the series of tubes...or an energetic "subway system" for transporting entities across the fabric of reality in the blink of an eye.

As you may recall, Jodie Foster travels in the machine whose blueprints arrived on Earth in the form of a radio signal.

Or you could think of the early 19th century diving suits, attached to the surface and thus to (life-support) by a tether. Perhaps the vine is a rudimentary apparatus for projecting consciousness through space and time, a consciousness "meld"....a sharing between two life-forms which allows one consciousness to "hitch" a ride from one place to another?

What if the vine is a species of "plant" that happens to grow--between--dimensions. Thereby being the perfect consciousness subway! What if there are many such transdimensional species?

After all, mankind has spotted the so-called "Rods" in video cameras only to have them be utterly invisible to the naked eye. people have hypothesized that they are transdimensional manifestations.

The idea that beings such as animals and trees themselves (and of course the Human instrument as well) ARE THE ACTUAL DOORWAYS between dimensions...well that's something to think about!

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