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A man awake

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White light

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White Crane Feather


Vision log

August 13th 2011

Short journey this morning. I initiated vibration. It took a While, but eventually fairly strong vibrations kicked in along with the rushing noises.

Upon exit, i considered a reality check but didn't, I knew I was out. 

For some reason I could feel that I did not have a lot of time. I started going around the house checking everyone. 

1st it was my five year old. I reach in and let my hand merge with his body. I let my awareness spread in him. I could feel and understand his entire body.

Systematically I did this to everyone in the house when I got to my wife I did a quality check. I stoped for a second to take in the quality of he environment. I do this becUae sometimes journeys are fuzzy. But if you I do a quality of reality check I remember at that time what it felt like.

The quality was Chrystal clear. even better than normal reality. I was actually shocked at how clear everything is . It never ceases to amaze me. 

After I finish checking everyone I go to my moms room. For some reason, I know she dosnt want me in there. She is aware of my traving. So I try something else. I stick my arm in the door and I let my awareness spread into to the room. It is really so very very amazing. Its like I can literally feel everything at the same time.... Even the insides of things. Even the little buzzing electronic components of her clock and the fluffy interior of her matress. I did not find her though. As an experiment I continue focusing on her but I consolidate my awareness and send it looking for her. I let it just go on it's own it moves around a bit then locates her outside. My awareness zooms in on her. Strange being outside I thought.

After that is finished, I decide to do one last experiment and training.  I close my eyes and start thinking of some of the negative Imagry in my recent dreams..... Just as I had planned. I open my eyes and instantly a flood of white light is disintegrating everything me included I can feel those warm pleasant vibrations rush over me as I reintegrate.

I love the feeling of ending a journy on purpose and opening my eyes. Its just an opening of the eyes, a shift in awareness. It does not feel like wakeing up because it isn't. In a lot of ways it is more like falling back asleep. Sitting up I herd my mom come in from outside. She was smokeing a cigerate

I was very pleased that the white light program against negativity is in place. I had not even really started meditating on this antinegative program yet. I just chose to do it. Time will tell in negative dreams.

I was very pleased with the skill of merging my awareness. I have not had an opportunity to really test it like that.

If only I could master this awareness thing while not in an altered state or with duel concousness state. I cant imagine. I might be able to locate people or diagnose health issues.

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