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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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The Antics of 'The Hidden People' Vex Me at The RET



A final thought on the Cosmic Brain Vine for now: If you remember in my previous conversation with MOMMY about my initial encounter with the Hive Mind that had absorbed Father Vromin, I asked MOMMY about the “Green Energy” I had perceived the Hive Mind Entity to possess.

MOMMY said: “That’s not for you, honey.”

But after making the connection between the Hive Mind Entity and its physical manifestation as the Cosmic Brain Vine at The RET, at least I have a hint about the initial Green Energy I perceived. Lo and behold, the Hive Mind Entity is vine-like, and growing leafy brains! Green Indeed!

And I also have to wonder if there is a connection with the Verdantic Mysteries. As others of the UM forums have pointed out, the term “Verdantic” seems to suggest “verdant” or a “spring-like” connotation. That’s something I never picked up on, but thanks to my readers here, I am now able to fit this into the overall scheme of things, so to speak.

But now let me tell you about The Hidden People:

When I first “landed” in The RET, I think I mentioned that “business was brisk.” On this particular trip, there were more “customers” than I normally encounter at The RET, which was somewhat unusual.

Anyway, after I solidified my form by using the “fractal floor” of The RET, one of the first things I notice was a group of three people who were looking at me with exceptionally great interest.

From their faces, I would say they were in a mixed state of surprise, and delight – but something more – it was kind of as if they were thinking: “Well, well, well … I don’t believe this … by golly! Looks who’s here!”

In fact, one of the people, a blonde woman of medium height, put her hand on the shoulder of another woman and turned her around to look at me, as if to say: “You’ll never believe who is standing right over there!”

(Mind you, I did not hear such words, but this is obviously what their body language was saying).

I could not make out their voices, which I will explain in a bit.

So they were surprised to see me – but for some reason, they also obviously found it extremely funny to see me in The RET.


Two of these three people seemed tantalizingly familiar to me – and yet-- I could not place where I had seen them before. Standing with the two women was a tall man dressed in a bright red skin-tight seamless suit, and he was wearing gray-silver ankle boots. He also sported a jaunty blue velvet hat, slanted rakishly across his forehead. He looked like he was dressed for a science fiction convention.

The two women were dressed like … like … well, normal in most respects… and yet, their clothing seemed to be a subtle combination of the ordinary clothes you would see in any small Minnesota town today, but with some not-so-subtle differences.

For the sake of brevity, I’m not going to get bogged down in describing their clothing – I’ll only way it was a combination of “small-town every day wear” mixed with a bit of “Middle Ages Northern Europe wear.”

(Not the guy in the skin-tight red suit, of course. His style was unique).

Since this trio seemed so obviously delighted to see me, I approached them, and then something very strange started happening – as I moved closer, they became more blurry – it was as if they were surrounded by some kind of personal protective energy shell.

(Note: I also generally encase myself in an “energy shell” while in the lucid dream/astral state – yet another technique I learned from the Monroe Institute. They call it the “resonate energy balloon, or “re-ball” for short. However, my re-ball was not causing this blurring effect ).

Interestingly, I could start hearing more of their vocalizations as I approached, but this sounded buzzy and distorted – but I could tell they were laughing. They raised their hands in the air, gesturing me to move back, and I could see them mouthing the words, “Back up! Back up!”

So I backed away and they became more clear and their voices faded again.

I was perplexed. Obviously some sort of phase disturbance or distortion between my personal energy vibration and their vibration did not synch with each other – we were both in The RET, but it’s clear some kind of barrier existed between us.

After I tried to approach them and backed off, the three turned and shouted behind them, and several more of their friends approached. The three pointed at me, and when some of the other people arrived, their eyes widenend, and one guy clapped his hands and shook his head, laughing, and his face seemed to be saying: “I can’t believe he’s here!”

I was bewildered. I held up my hands, palms up, as if to ask, “What is this all about? Come on, clue me in somehow!”

But there was nothing more that could be done because of the strange energy barrier between us. I eventually decided to get on with my experience at The RET, and as I said, I had already noticed the tendrils of the Cosmic Brain Vine curling around up in the ceiling.

When I levitated up to the ceiling to get a closer look at the Brain Vine – the Hidden People went wild! They clapped and cheered! They were pumping their fists, and they seemed to be saying something like” “Go Ken! Go Ken! Go Ken …!!”

I was beginning to get slightly irritated. Just who are these people? And why did they find me so amusing? How did they know me! Was I a joke to them! Was I a performing monkey to them?!! I decided to ignore them as I went about my business.

But as I worked my way through The RET, I encountered a number of The Hidden People, each time, the buzzing distortion warding them away from me. Fine! I thought. Whatever the case, I don’t have to worry about these good time Charlies, and whatever they were up to, thanks to the buzzing "auto-barrier."

When I made my way into the Left Hall, I noticed a sort of side ballroom to my right (see my floor plan drawing in my previous post) where The Hidden People were obviously gathered for a banquet, or major feast of some kind. There were dozens of them in this side ballroom – and many of the people seemed tantalizingly familiar to me -- as if I knew some of them, somehow.

They were all gathered around a huge table – and in the center of the table was something amazing! It was what looked a huge roasted castoroides – the giant beaver of the Pleistocene!


It sat upon an enormous platter, surrounded by savory vegetables, and in its gaping mouth was some kind of gigantic roasted apple the size of a huge pumpkin.

The banquet table was festive, loaded with goblets of wine, plates, side dishes strange flower arrangements – it was a like a gi-normous Thanksgiving or Christmas Feast.

As I passed by the entrance to their ball room, many of The Hidden People, upon seeing me trying to peer in at them – but with the crackle of the phase barrier prevented me from getting too close-- stood up and raised their goblets in salute, some pumped theirs fists and sent up a cheer which exploded throughout the room.

They all clapped for me.

Again, this nettled me somewhat. What was this enormous joke that I obviously was not clued in on? So I passed them by and left The Hidden People to their nutty revelry.

Now here is something which I think will explain the extremely bizarre and horrific label on the pot of “RISK IT ALL KETHCUP” which I manifested for myself through the use of my own consciousness visualization technique.

The aspect of the RISK IT ALL KETCHUP story I did not relate in my previous post was that, upon seeing the intense images – the bloody zombie head, the nun impaled by a demon, etc. – on the label, I also noticed that a number of The Hidden People were straining to see what my reaction would be to the RISK IT ALL KETHCUP label. It was like, they could barely keep from laughing as I examined the ridiculously grotesque images.

At first, I hesitated before grasping the ‘half-skull spoon’ but, of course, I then went ahead with slathering the dyatrima steak with RISK IT ALL …

… and as I did so the The Hidden People went insane with joy and laughter!

They were like, high-fiving each other, some were groaning or grabbing their heads, another punched a mate on a shoulder, yet still all were obviously enjoying the whole spectacle.

I think the obvious conclusion to reach from all this is: The Hidden People were playing an elaborate practical joke on me. Somehow they had perceived my intention to materialize a bottle of ketchup, and someone inserted their own rather whimsical spin, making the stone pot of RISK IT ALL appear before me with the crazy B-horror movie theme and label.

Then, they must have been wagering with each other to see if I would actually try RISK IT ALL, or turn the ketchup away in loathing.

Certainly, The Hidden People were having a lot of fun at my expense.

So, the burning questions in my mind were: Who are they?

How do they know me?

What is my relationship to The Hidden People?

Why is there some kind of energy barrier between myself and them?

How do I know that they are called The Hidden People?

Well, that’s because I was so vexed by their strange behavior at The RET, I decided to contact MOMMY if she could illuminate me on this strange situation. In the next post, I will provide some insight, by way of MOMMY, about The Hidden People.



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I really like MOMMY.

Also, The Hidden People sound like mischeivous faeries.

This is the best non-fiction ever ever.

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It really is hard not to like MOMMY, isn't it -- even though she's so strange and sometimes abstractly intellectual.

But wow, Leah-Rachel, I am amazed I didn't think of that aspect of the Hidden People -- 'mischeivous like faeries' ! Yes! They ARE like that, aren't they? How did I miss that comparison.

Anyway, they are not faeiries, however, as you will soon read MOMMY's take on The Hidden People -- yet, I think considering the environment they live within -- perhaps something similar to 'Faery' -- this realm might be condusive to similar behavior???

Anyway, thanks also for your kind words, Leah-Rachel. Iron

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There is a concept that is often bandied about. That these physical lives we lead, can be lead over and over again, and in between lives, (in the astral realm if you can call it that) friends and aquiantances, take turns looking at the life you just lived in exquisite detail.

Then...they all take turns jumping in and out of various scenes of your life..living and experiencing the event alternately as YOU..and then as those around you. Its all great fun...even the terrible things. Everyone plays with every role. Its the ultimate sharing, and provides the opportunity for the group to absorb every morsel of life.

This is why all experience is precious. ALL Experience.

From the way you described it, it would not surprise me if the "Hidden People" we indeed your friends and colleagues. Completely unaccustomed to seeing those who are ensconced in the human Instrument arrive in the RET of their own volition...it must have been immensely entertaining to see you there. With your every action and ability they must have been quite proud.

They seemed like a swell bunch! I'm curious what MOMMY has to say about them IG.

Gentle Winds my friend.

~The Albatross (Joshua T.)

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Ever Learning


i am really confused about what you are talking about. is astral projection different from lucid dreaming? what is RET? who is Mommy? sounds interesting.

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Permit me to speak for IG in this case. This narrative is so long and complicated that at this point you should beginning reading from the very beginning of the DR. 58 saga until now. Everything will make more sense.

Then again, perhaps you already HAVE read all that and this is STILL confusing.

In that case...IG might be able to come up with a synopsis.

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Thanks for your help Albatross.

Certainly, this all must seem very confusing to anyone jumping in the first time here on this blog.

Armchair, the thread which started all this begins here: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=182022&st=0

It all starts there. You'll also confront of rancorous debate, which you either enjoy (as I did mostly" or glean over those parts and just read my posts concerning Dr. 58.

Hope this helps -- thanks for visiting! KK

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Yeah, I'm thinking it must be hard for beings from realms like this to take our problems and other aspects of our conduct/etc seriously.

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