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A man awake

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Closed chapter

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White Crane Feather


Strange Dream

So this dream is associated with the recent period of negative dreams and ocurances. Tuesday I got a call from the man that I had helped in that bar after being hit with a model plane on the head. He wanted to thank me and meet for a drink. Reluctantly I went back to that place. I carried with me some sage. I smudged my house before I left. I hung there for a while talking with him, then I went home. Nothing unusual.

Then last night I dreamt of the fat man again. I dont think I recorded it anywhere but the previouse dream was during the time all that negativity was happening..... Just before the plane instance anyway.  it was a highly negative dream where I was a child in school, and this ugly fat man was a janitor showing me all these grotesque things.

Last night the dream started off with me visiting my doctor to discuss my upcoming knee surgery. It all seemed fine. His assistant was this fat man. Him.... I was not lucid yet so I did not recognize him. 

After my meeting with my doctor, the fat man continued to discuss my surgery with me. It started off with some of risks.... I was listening intently, but it slowly turned into a conversation about how bad my doctor is.... He was slyly undermining my confidence in my doctor. 

The conversation continued in my car as he drove home with me. Then into my house...( but it wasn't really my house.... I wonder if the smudge had something to do that) 

After we were in my "home" his actions started to become a little erratic. When he took an unusual interest in my wife..... I started to get suspicious.

At some point I was thinking I want this guy out of here.... And about that time.... He found and pulled out my samurai sword. This particular weapon I have owned since I was 10 years old. I lived ony own since I was 15 and used to sleep with it to fend off nightmares. 

This was his mistake. As soon as I saw him holding it I became lucid. A large smirk crossed my face... This cued him in on it to. He started acting flamboyant with it and moveing closer to me.  I was fully lucid now and in control and highly focused. It felt great actually. 

I reach behind the coach and pulled out another sword that I have. (I don't hide them behind coaches, their in the garage...it was a thought form) I let him sort of back me down the hallway as I smugly pretend I'm still talking with him about my surgery. He is throwing these play jabs and swings with the sword like it is a game. I am going along with the game by blocking and talking. He thinks he is intimidating me. 

Finally I parry his sword to one side and shove mine about halfway into his chest. I was not expecting him to die. I wanted to make a point. At this point he has become silent, and that characteristic grey hugh has cone over his eyes.

I told him im sick of this crap. and I'm aware of him. I told him to leave and never come back. Then I thrust kick him in the chest knocking him of the sword. He flies down the hallway to crash into the wall at the end. 

I wake up. A wave of satisfaction has come over me. I felt like neo flexing his digital muscles and stopping those bullets at the end of the movie "The Matrix" . The strength of my awareness has prevailed. I know it will continue to do so. Spirit, some psycologic aspect of myself, or negative astral energy as sugested by somone on UM I have come to respect. None of that matters. This chapter and phase of learning is closed.

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