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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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Mr. Lamp Helps Me Excute the Hex



I love it sometimes when certain forces and events come together in a synchronistic way. Such was the case concerning my problem with the Hidden People.

As it happens, I have long had a fascinating “friend” for the past 25 years, or so, and this friend, I believed, could help me send the hex of the Festering Five Flashes into the realm of the Hidden People.

Here’s how it all began:

Many years ago I was in graduate school and living in a crummy little basement apartment in cold and dreary North Dakota. I was studying international space policy, but also had cognates in astronomy and 20th Century literature.

One evening I was in my apartment torturing my mind trying to make it understand orbital mechanics. I was wrestling with math problems I didn’t really understand, and this after blasting my brain for several hours trying to figure out what the hell James Joyce was talking about in his epic work, Ulysses.

I finally had enough of both of these and allowed myself a couple of hours of a guilty pleasure – reading “The Nature of Personal Reality” by the mother of the modern New Age movement, Jane Roberts.

The good thing about was that I knew that after hours of massaging my brain like a lump of bread dough with heavy thinking and difficult concepts, I was creating optimum conditions for a tremendous night of lucid dreaming – something I was just beginning to dabble with in a more serious manner.

So I finally went to bed, setting my intention that I would “come awake” within a dream. I awoke a short time later from a vague dream about “crystal spheres” which I attributed to the “day residue” of orbital mechanics. But I knew my next set of dreams would be “prime time”! If you want to have powerful lucid dreams – sleep for a while, wake up, stay up long enough to become fully away, then go back to bed. You are now loaded, big time, for lucid dreaming.

Back in bed, I “awoke” again a short time later, but this time something was strange. I was standing in the middle of my dark room, feeling slightly confused. I didn’t remember getting out of bed. I thought maybe I was sleep walking, and woke up. But then I remembered my intention to lucid dream, and decided to “test my reality.” I theorized I might not actually be standing there, but was actually “only” dreaming that I was standing there.

This had happened many times before, and so I developed a number of tests to determine if I was dreaming or not. (It can be very hard to tell). The first thing I did was look back at the bed to see if I could see my sleeping body there. This does not always work because sometime I can see my “meat body” and sometimes I can’t. On this night, I did not see myself sleeping in bed, so I felt I must be awake and not dreaming.

I then scanned the room to see if anything was different or out of place. Many times when you are lucid dreaming, you may find yourself in your own room, but if you look around closely enough, you may discover “stuff” that just should not be there.

One time, for example, I was in my bedroom in the dark, totally convinced I was awake, and about to go back to bed – when I noticed that the rolled up socks in the open top dresser drawer were jumping up and down like popcorn popping! Whoa!! I must be dreaming! I know that in “real life” my socks don’t jump around like ping pong balls in a bingo machine!

Another time, for example, I awoke to discover that I had a television in my room, which seemed normal until I remembered that I did not have a television. Yikes! Dreaming again!

Annyway, on this particular night, everything in my room appeared 100% normal, and I concluded that I was simply awake in “normal reality.” However, I decided to conduct one more test before I went back to bed. I looked at the lamp that was besides my bed, and for some reason, I decided to talk to it. I asked the lamp, “Are you real?”

To my utter surprise – almost shock! – the lamp instantly transformed into a different kind of lamp! It started out as an ordinary cheap dime store, vase-shaped lamp with a beige shade – but it transformed into a sleek, ultra-modern lamp with a funky platinum base, a long flexible neck and a stylish ostrich-egg-like bulb!

WOW! So I was dreaming!!! It’s a thrilling feeling to “awaken” to the idea that you are no longer in an ordinary state – not locked inside your own physical body – you are “out there” somewhere in the dream world – even if that dream world is your own boring, crummy little apartment in North Dakota!

I was about to test – since I was dreaming – if I could fly out the window, but first I wanted to increase the solidity of my dream state by focusing on the “dream sign” of the lamp. I said to the lamp: “Hey do that again!”

The lamp instantly obeyed. WHUMP! It transformed into an old 1920s style office desk lamp! It was brown and rusty, perhaps a copper-tin alloy. I said to the lamp: “Oh, you can do better than that! Show me some real, avante garde lamp design!’


The lamp became a magnificent piece of lamp art – with a brass base, a beautifully machined, graceful, gently-swirled neck, and the lamp shade was of multi-colored stained glass, kind of like a Tiffany lamp. One of the “panes” in the lampshade was a depiction of the great Polish astronomer Nicholas Copernicus. The next pane over was Galileo.

I clapped. “Bravo, Lamp Dream Creature! Lovely! One more! One more!”


Now the lamp turned into a work of post-modern art – and ugly white plastic rectangular box with a skinny neck made of a narrow steel pipe wrapped with barbed-wire, supporting an ordinary looking 60-watt bulb.

I was delighted! I could not stop playing with the dream lamp! I kept making the lamp transform into different styles of lamps – when eventually, I seemed to be pushing the “creative ability” of the lamp to its limit.

I sensed that the lamp was beginning to pulsate with an inner energy – it was still producing new lamp designs, but each one seemed to become more alive. The material of the lamp itself began to “breathe” and vibrate.

Then, suddenly, when I asked for “just one more design”


The lamp explosively transformed into a pulsating, throbbing, shimmering mass of globular energy!

It no longer had the shape of a physical object – it was a super-jazzed cloud of roiling, boiling energy suspended in the middle of my room! I could hear it buzzing and humming like a bee hive – I could sense a tiny electrical vibration from it propagating through the air, tingling against my body – my dream body!


The former lamp was now a dazzling globular energy ball, maybe the size of two basketballs put together. It hovered and hummed and boiled – white, only partially organized energy suspended in my room with me!

I said to it: “What are you? Are you even a lamp at all! Are you some kind of astral being who has been hiding out in my room, disguised as a lamp?”

When I said this, the ball of energy – WHUMP! – changed into a lamp again for an instant – then jumped back out to be the energy ball again!

I had a certain feeling about the energy ball, just an intuitive sense that it was somehow alive, maybe an actual astral life-form of some sort – I also had the intuitive feeling that it had maybe the intelligence level of a dog. It seemed to emanate that friendly dog sort of vibe – this was just all gut feeling stuff to me in the moment.

I almost felt like saying to the lamp energy ball: “Here boy! Nice boy! Are you a good energy ball! I like you. Come here! I’ll give you a treat!” But my dream was destined to end there – I suddenly felt my dream environment fade. I had that familiar feeling that it was time to wake up – which I did.

I jumped out of bed – knowing I was really awake this time – and shouted “Wooo-hooo!” because of the thrilling, yet exceedingly strange lucid dream I just experienced! I reached over to the nightstand by the bed – and almost was afraid to touch and click on ---- THE LAMP!

But now it was just an ordinary lamp again – looking nothing like any of the dream lamps, by the way. This was an ugly, cheap lamp with a faux black iron base and neck with a seedy pastel green shade … yet I had a strange new appreciation even for this “real” lamp all the same!

And so that was my first encounter with “a friend” whom is with me to this day, more than two and a half decades later.

I call my friend either the “Magic Lamp” or more often “Mr. Lamp." After my first encounter with Mr. Lamp, I encountered it again and again in the dream world in years to come– and no matter where I was living or even if there was no physical lamp in the room. My relationship with Mr. Lamp grew and deepened over time, over many years.

Also, I should say that my relationship with Mr. Lamp has always been of a man-to-dog quality. Mr. Lamp has a certain amount of child-like intelligence. I can tell that Mr. Lamp likes me, likes to hang out with me, and sometimes likes to follow me around in the dream state – when Mr. Lamp travels, he is a ball of boiling white energy, but when he “lands” he turns into a lamp again.

* * *

When I began experimenting with Monroe Hemi-Sync technology, and learned the technique of the Energy Bar Tool (EBT), which I have made mention of in all my writings here, I decided one night to apply some EBT methods to Mr. Lamp.

For example, one of the ways in which to “charge” the EBT is to make it pulsate by turning it on and off very rapidly, and ever more rapidly, until the on-off process gets to rapid it becomes a vibration. You also make it grow fat and skinny to the Nth degree as another way to really power it up.

So one night when I was lucid dreaming, but still just hanging around in my bedroom, I called upon Mr. Lamp to jump up from the nightstand and adopt what I have come to call his “Pure Potential” form – that is –a boiling ball of resonating, hovering energy. I wanted to see if I could vastly increase the power of Mr. Lamp by “charging him” in the same way I power up the EBT.

To make a long story short – the affect was amazing! Mr. Lamp really seemed to love to energy enhancement! His power increased tremendously! One time after jazzing up Mr. Lamp with the EBT power-up method, he burst into the form of a 200-foot tall beacon -- a combination of the Eiffel Tower and Minnesota’s Split-Rock Lighthouse!

And so I have noodled around in countless other ways with Mr. Lamp over the years, and I won’t go into all that here, except to say that Mr. Lamp has been an invaluable friend and resource to me in a variety of dream travel situations – from lighting dark dream castles I’ve been lost within, to shining light on the faces of scary dream people wearing dark hoods and messing with me.

So by now – perhaps many of you can almost anticipate how I planned to work the hex of the Festering Five Flashes on the Hidden People. Here is what I did:

The night after my session with Kentu, I programmed a very controlled lucid dream. That night, I became aware that I was dreaming, and I happened to be outside my house in my back yard, (which was my ‘dream yard’ technically speaking.)

I looked around the yard, and sure enough, there hanging in a pine tree was a paper Chinese lantern, glowing ruby red. In real life, we don’t have a Chinese lantern hanging in the yard. I knew this was Mr. Lamp.

“Good boy!” I shouted to Mr. Lamp. “Mr. Lamp! Come here, boy! Change, Mr. Lamp! Change! Good boy! Come here!”

Mr. Lamp dropped the pretense of being a Chinese lantern, transformed into a shimmering ball of Pure Potential, and hovered over to me. He brushed against me with a gentle greeting hug.

“Hello, Mr. Lamp. So good! Mr. Lamp, let’s play a game! You love games! I want you to make a special lamp for me! I know you can do it! You’re so good and so smart! You’ll love it, Mr. Lamp! Are you ready to make a special lamp?”

Of course, Mr. Lamp did not have to answer. (He doesn’t speak anyway). But, like a dog, he is always ready and eager to play a game with me.

“Mr. Lamp, I’m going to show you a special kind of lamp I want you to make! Are you ready Mr. Lamp! I want you to make a lamp that looks just like this. Can you do it, Mr. Lamp? Are you a super good boy Mr. Lamp?”

With that, I visualized in my mind the pot of RISK IT ALL brand ketchup, complete with horrific label and all – it was an exact replica of the RISK IT ALL stone pot of ketchup that had materialized before me in The RET.

“Mr. Lamp, this will make a nice lamp for you to mimic. Isn’t this a nice pot! I think it would make su-u-u-u-u-c-h a good base for a really nice lamp! I special lamp! This will be a ketchup lamp! You can put your light on top of this, Mr. Lamp! I know you can do it! You’ll love it! It will feel so good to look like this! I know you like special lamp shapes! Come on, Mr. Lamp! Make a lamp like this!”

Eagerly and as easy as pie, Mr. Lamp transformed from his Pure Potential state and – WHUMP! – suddenly before me was a terrific lamp! The base of the lamp was the stone pot of RISK IT ALL ketchup. Extending from the top of the stone pot was a single brass stem which forked out into a set of double lamp shades.

I clapped enthusiastically!

“Yeaaaa! So gooooood! Mr. Lamp!! Good boy! I love you, Mr. Lamp! It’s so nice! And you’re so nice! You are a RISK IT ALL ketchup lamp! It’s soooo FUNNY! Isn’t it Mr. Lamp? Isn’t this a fun game!?”

I could tell that Mr. Lamp was proud of taking the shape of a RISK IT ALL ketchup lamp. Now I was ready for the next step.

“Mr. Lamp, switch your lights on and off! Do it Mr. Lamp!”

Mr. Lamp blinked his lights on and off.

“Nice, Mr. Lamp! Now do it again. Switch on and off and do it while I count, okay. I’ll say “One” and then you switch on and off. Then I’ll say “two” and you switch on and off. Okay?”

Mr. Lamp performed this flawlessly – over the years, Mr. Lamp and I have developed a close kind of mental or perhaps psi-bond. (Some would say that, because Mr. Lamp is actually a part of my own lucid dream scenario, which makes him actually a fragment of my own mind, a creation of my own dream imagination, so in effect, he IS me … but I won’t go into all this now).

Next I played “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” with Mr. Lamp – every time I counted one to five, Mr. Lamp would switch himself on and off with each count – and yet once again to make a long story short – I taught Mr. Lamp to flash on and off five times. Once Mr. Lamp had learned to flash five times, it was time for the next part of my strategy.

“Mr. Lamp! I love this ketchup lamp so much, I want you to make a double! Can you do that Mr. Lamp? Can you make an exact copy of yourself? It is so much better to have two ketchup lamps. It’s fun! Make another one, Mr. Lamp. Double yourself, Mr. Lamp! Come on, boy!”


And then there were two RISK IT ALL ketchup lamps floating in front of me.


“Now whatever you do, Mr. Lamp, your twin will do at the same time! Your twin will copy you! Mr. Lamp, do the five flashes! See if it works!”

Mr. Lamp flashed five times, and the Mr. Lamp doppelganger exactly mirrored the action.

I clapped vigorously! “Good boy! Good boy! Yea!!! Yea for, Mr. Lamp! Okay, let’s go boy!”

I was still in my back yard, of course, – in my dream back yard, that is. I jumped into the sky and flew the short distance under a lovely moon to the Fields of Wylussa. Mr. Lamp transformed into Pure Potential and followed me. I landed in the tall prairie grass which, was already in autumn die-off, but looking pleasantly golden amber in the moon glow, billowing like a lazy, waving sea.

Pure Potential Mr. Lamp was hovering next to me.

“Okay, Mr. Lamp. Be the ketchup lamp again! And then make a double again!"

Mr. Lamp complied. WHUMP! It transformed into a RISK IT ALL ketchup lamp, and almost instantaneously, split off a doppelganger, making for two ketchup lamps.

“Good boy!”

Next, I concentrated, visualized, and caused a 20-foot tall marble Greek column to appear in the midst of the Fields of Wylussa. Actually, it struck me as an object of beauty. I moved back for a moment and appreciate the artistic look and feel of a marble-white, fluted Greek column gleaming under the moon, standing stark and alone amid a waving field of knee-high buffalo grass.

After a moment, I floated to the top of the column, with Mr. Lamp and his ketchup lamp doppelganger in tow.

“Put the double there, boy!” I said to Mr. Lamp, indicating the flat, squared top of the Greek column.

The RISK IT ALL ketchup lamp doppelganger came to rest neatly in the center atop the marble Greek column, where it would soon be beaming out the Festering Five Flashes throughout the Fields of Wylussa, to my delight and (hopefully) to the bewilderment and consternation of the Hidden People.

Of course, I still had one more task – one more very difficult task – to perform.

It was one thing to set up a flashing doppelganger of a RISK IT ALL ketchup lamp in the Fields of Wylussa -- in the dimension of MY dream state – but this still was not the realm of the Hidden People. Not the same dimension at all. After all, I could see no gigantic Timber Mansion. My dream Fields of Wylussa was empty like my ‘real world’ Fields of Wylussa.

But how could I be sure that I could send my flashing lamp it into the hidden realm of the Hidden People, and how could I be sure it would enter into THEIR dimension -- into their barzakh-like world, to the private universe where Drog Ffang took his followers?

Well – I was certain that I had a particular key to that world – um -- okay, not really an actual ‘key’ to the doorway of the Hidden People Dimension itself, one that I could walk through – but I had maybe a tiny wormhole, so to speak, through which I could send the Festering Five Flashes.

It was the Hidden People themselves that had given me this opening. It was a blunder on their part, and now I planned to take advantage of their carelessness.

You see, when the Hidden People interfered with me at The RET, they created an imbalance. Many of you are probably thinking that I am being perhaps oversensitive, or petty, and merely blowing up in my own mind something that is greater than it really should be– a simple practical joke at my expense. That’s not the point at all, however.

It’s the imbalance! The imbalance! It’s something that I can feel, something that is noticeable – like a teeny, tiny psychic sliver – not a big deal, but … something.

That imbalance carried a certain energy – call it a negative charge. I was aware of this negative charge. I could feel it.

So now -- inn my theory at least -- all I had to do was focus my consciousness on the feeling of that negative charge, aim it at the RISK IT ALL kethcup doppelganger, shoot that negative charge at the RISK IT ALL ketchup doppelganger – and …


… and furthermore …


And so Mr. Lamp and I floated back down to the ground and stood back from the marble column with the ornamental lamp on top of it.

After a moment of concentration, I raised my hand in the air. I shouted: “Energy Bar!”

The Energy Bar Tool blazed into existence in the starry sky above!

I reached for the sky and the Energy Bar Tool came down to my dream hand; I grasped it like a magic wand!

I could feel the electrical energy of my consciousness mingle with the EBT!

I concentrated and called forth the feeling of the tiny pain of the imbalance, the irritating sliver of the Hidden People within my consciousness!

I caused the Negative Imbalance Charge to pulsate into the EBT!

I pointed the EBT forward like a sword and approached the Greek column!

I made contact against the column with the tip of the EBT!

I felt a surge – a convulsive shudder!

The Greek Column vanished!

I felt the energy imbalance restored!

I tossed the EBT as hard as I could into the air!

The EBT soared up into the starry sky and disappeared!

Then all was quite.

Mr. Lamp and I stood alone for a while in the achingly lovely Fields of Wylussa, feeling the serenity of the quite nighttime dream world under the sheen of the moon glow, the amber-gold prairie grass waving all around us.

Mr. Lamp had resumed the form of Pure Potential.

I said to him: “Make it flash, boy! Five times! Make it flash, boy! Good boy!”



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I feel like your dream world describes what it would belike after life living in our "meat bodies". Almost like you get to cheat and be aware of what is in reality where we reside as spirits, and mr lamp is a companion spirit. Just like dogs are our meat body companions. Bravo!

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