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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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A photo Tour: Fields of Wylussa, Part 1





I thought everyone might enjoy a tour of the Fields of Wylussa, which, of course, I now know is also the Realm of the Hidden People, albeit the Hidden People are in another dimension – but according to MOMMY, they are tucked into this geographic location behind the veil, so to speak, that separates our space from their space.

As a bonus, please enjoy the fall colors gracing Wylussa’s crib!

I like the call this “The Gateway” to the Fields of Wylussa. This enters the western edge of Wylussa’s Realm.


Frost, Fog and Fire – The sun rises on a frosty morning. It promises to be a serene, brisk day in Wylussa’s Realm. I wonder what the weather will be like for the Hidden People, or if they enjoy scenes like this? Perhaps they don’t like cold and frost. I don’t know for sure. The point is, they have the option. They control their environment with their consciousness. (As do we, of course, but I won’t get into that right now).


Here is a view from about a mile to the south of Wylussa’s Realm. There is a plowed field in the foreground, but there is prairie grass between the black dirt and this line of sentinel-like trees.


Yes, my friends, Tree Munch abides within the borders of Wylussa and the Hidden People’s realm! I wonder if he is oblivious to the splendor of autumn? I should pick his brains some day to see if he can give me some "inside informatiton" on what goes on around there. You never know, he may prove to be a valuable asset! Of course, he coughs up no information without “payment” which rankles me, somewhat.


Ahhh – pictured below, ya'll, I have it on good authority from MOMMY that this is the site of what I call Colony Two – in this space, MOMMY says a second group – a splinter group – of The Hidden People dwell. MOMMY says they don’t have a Timber Mansion here, but a structure made of rough-hewn stone. (I wonder why they are a splinter group? I can’t believe there is strife among the Hidden People, but perhaps during one of the Deconstruction Crisis events, something happened. Incidentally, this landscape is among the “aspen-oak savannah” of northwest Minnesota – a unique and increasingly rare type of environment, in the U.S. at least.


This lovely mushroom basks in the subtle, gentle energy of Wylussa.


Off on your way

Hit the open road

There is magic at your fingers

For the spirit ever lingers

Undemanding contact

In your happy solitude

(Name that lyric!)

This road leads through a primitive swampy area to where Colony Two is located.





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a nice cup of tea


Thank you! The land is truly magical where you are... This would be a great thread on UM if we all shared photos of places that make our hearts sing in our areas

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Thank you 'Tea'. And you're right, this place does make my heart and soul sing! Thanks for your sensitive observation.

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