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A man awake

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White Crane Feather


( this is very increadble but 100% true)

Well.. Here is the story. I blew my knee out in may. Damaged my mcl and completely tore my ACL... According to the The MRIs. In fact the acl was missing totally. Even fibers of it were messy inside my knee.

I have been using OBE techniques to attempt speeding up healing. I'll paste my journal entry on the first one.

Here is the deal..... I went in for reconstruction surgery today. After I woke up. It was only an hour long... Doctors told me my ACL was still there and in good shape they didnt do anything but look. They called the MRI a false positive.... For whatever reason all my other ligaments showed up normally except my acl.

Im open to the mundane explanation that the MRI and doctors were wrong ..... But if you lived my life mundane explanations for unique events just arnt enough... To many things happen to me.

Here is my first journy that I did for healing. I have done about 5 of them since.

Just wanted to share with UM. I'm elated. I get to skip months of rehab.

If anyone has doubts that I journaled that at that time.... Check my blog and the time I entered it.

Vision log

May 9th

So i blew my knee completely out on Saturday. Most likely destroyed my mcl. Probably going to have surgery. Great timeing of course. My wife is due to give birth any day.

Last night I journyed to see if could do to myself what I have done to  few others. I initiated vibrations, I was fairly focused so they came easy. I steped out of my body, I don't know why but I was expecting to be limping, but of course my knee was fine in the spirit world.....of course you dont have knees in spirit just projections. It took me a few of my tests to make sure I was out. It's always so real.  

I turned around to look at myself then stuck my hand inside of my leg to spread my awareness into it. ( a trick I learned from the plaidies spurit At first I did not know what I was feeling, but started to pay atention to the details and I started to feel as whole the variouse structures of my knee. I could tell there were tendons and such but I had know idea what was what. I guess some anatomy physiology study would be good.

Not really getting any where I got this thought that the earth could help, so I reach to the floor ( carpet) and created a thought form of mud. I started packing it around my knee as tight as I could get it.

Not knowing what else to do, I ended the session. 

Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can ask for healing, from guides higher self what ever. I'm in a lot of pain, but this is an interesting turn of events to see if any if this is directly usefull. On a side note I was on vicadin, and it did not seem to affect me in travel. If anything it was very easy to initiate vibrations. Most likely it was my resolve, but the relaxing properties of vicadin may have contributed..... Can't be sure.      

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