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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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The Hidden People Breach the Roof



You have probably heard of that metaphor about the creature living in a 2-dimensional flatland who is able to transcend his existence on a flat plane, and rises up to experience what it is like to be in a 3-dimensional world. Suddenly what he once knew as a circle is a “sphere” and a square is a “cube.”

When he gets back to flatland he is at a loss to explain these strange objects because there is simply nothing in his language to describe what it means to be a “sphere” to his fellow flatlanders.

The only thing he can say is something like, “It is a circle, but more than a circle, like some kind of bigger or greater circle, but that does not really capture what I mean!”

His fellow flatlanders think he is crazy, or at the very least, they simply can’t grasp or visualize what he is trying to describe.

That’s how I often feel when I am trying to describe many of my experiences with the events I have been describing in this blog -- and in particular, the event I will now try to relate poses tremendous challenges, but I am going to give it my best shot – so bare with me as I try to do my best. I repeat: This is a challenge for the lowly wordsmith using the imperfection of words, so … Let’s at least give it a try!


Two nights after I banished the gnome infestation with the symbols of “broken time” and the Choc Mool, the Hidden People were back at it.

That evening, I was still thinking endlessly about the strange gnome dreams of my wife, and I had so many questions. Why gnomes? What manner of beings are they? Were they symbolic? Could I be 100% certain this event had anything to do at all with the Hidden People? True, it did come right after my infliction of the Festering Five Flashes, but still … my intuition clanged like the gongs of the Ragnarok.

My wife went to sleep upstairs. I was extremely tired after a long day of writing, but I decided to sit in Zen meditation downstairs in the living room rather than retire to bed.

I wanted to remain in a state of full awareness as I passed into sleep.

As I meditated, I allowed my brain to transition into the sleep state, observing the process without interference. After my brain and body entered sleep mode, I -- “The Observer I” --remained unchanged and aware.

I knew the room around me was now the dream world, but it was as yet identical to the room of my waking world. In essence, nothing for me changed.

But remember, that “value” of me I will call “The Observer I” – remained vigilant.

However – one should not forget -- I was now sitting in meditation in the more unpredictable dream world – and here my Observer I established a calm, unperturbed watchfulness.

At the corner of my vision on the left side of the room I noticed a small … let’s call it a coffee table -- made of what looked like a rich, ebony hardwood. We do not have a table like this in our “real” living room.

Perched on the table was an odd lamp with a long slender base. It was made of pewter and the top had a kind of ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’ style to it. At the base of the lamp I noticed tiny print etched into the metal: “Whale oil only.”

A part of my consciousness allowed for a teeny tiny chuckle. It was Mr. Lamp.

He saw fit to helpfully remind me that tonight he was a ‘whale oil’ lamp. (Okaaaaaaaay, Mr. Lamp! Whatever!)


I ignored Mr. Lamp, and gave no concern to my environment as I maintained a detached Zen mode – total non-judgment, no mental modeling, no opinion forming, etc.

As I abided in this manner, the dream world of my living room eventually began to loose consistency and waver, and dissolved away. Even the hardwood table underneath Mr. Lamp dissolved, although Mr. Lamp remained suspended in space.

I was surrounded by the blackness of outer space – a frozen snowstorm of billions of stars gleamed in the unimaginable distance. Mr. Lamp thoughtfully produced a small whale-oil flame. I nice gesture, even though I did not require light since there was nothing to illuminate, and I did not care if there was illumination or not.

This was a timeless place and state, so it would not be correct to say that time passed there for me in outer space, but at some point, something fantastically radical began to happen!

Suddenly there was an explosion of SOUND!

It was as if my Being – that Self Identity I was in a sense detached from – began to erupt with sound, and virtually transform into sound. (Remember that the Observer I was exempt from this effect).

But that which is “Ken” was not HEARING the sound. It was as if “Ken” perceived the essence of sound, the archetypical form of that which we relate to the concept of sound, and “Ken” perceived the Sound not with “ears” but as if matching a more fundamental vibrational wavelength of his essential nature – matching it with the Quality of Sound.

The stars, the black vacuum of outer space, it was all gone. All was now vibration! The universe was busy and full!

“Ken” had no other senses – to sight, smell, touch, taste – for some reason, “Ken” found himself absorbed in a realm of pure sound –that which was not “Observer I” was pure sound – the physical “Ken body” which was meditating in the living room was now manifesting only as sound –

.... my heartbeat, the sound of the air going in and out of my lungs, the gentle electro-chemical hum of my nervous system and brain, the tension of my musculature ....

.... all of these emitted or manifested or expressed as pure sound vibration ...

I can only imagine how I would have experienced this if I had been associated with my physical body and mind. I mean, the repeated explosions of my thumping heart, the humming electrical whine of my brain, the rushing circulation of my blood ….

.... I almost certainly would have awoken, as if I had heard a mixed, cacophonous explosion of some sort …

.... I could perceive a struggle in my physical form in the “Ken Me” – fortunately, I was disassociated as the “Observant I” – I was rooted in Nothing -- and so I could ride this experience.

I must say that it is easier to write about this in hindsight because for what seemed like an interminable amount of “time,” I could not identify what was happening.

At first, I perceived “Sound” only as some bizarre kind of novel energy, and this “energy” was “everything.”

I only knew I was immersed in it – the “Ken Me” that is -- and there was no contrasting frame of reference, made up of the dimension of the other senses.

To make a long story short, I managed to establish psychological form upon the novel energy-sound universe I has merged with.

One of the clues within this strange universe of sound energy that tipped me off and helped me unlock the “floor plan” or “rational structure” or “ground rules” of its fundamental nature. The process was this:

Thanks to my Zen state of nonjudgmental perception – the “Observer I” began to notice an individual or discrete “form” in the Sound Universe – one particular vibration pattern that was so stunning and novel that my entire experience came close to collapse, such was my level of surprise –

-- that “individual form: which I began to perceive as interfused within the matrix of the sound patterns was an incredible “packet combination” consisting of joyful love and contentment.

But if was even more than that -- is was a kind of exuberant, almost mischievous kind of love – and it had a vibrational pattern that was so fantastically pleasing in its … its … “pattern” ….”configuration” – I began to wonder:

“What is that pattern? Is it a god? An angel? A nymph? A dikini? It’s so charming! Like a sprite!

And then a realization came crashing in on me! That lovely sound vibration was the purring of one of my cats!

In addition to Trantor, I live with two other cats, Skrayling and iPod.

I was able to figure out that the amazing energy pattern I perceived was iPod, who was in the next room sitting in my office on the chair I use for writing. He had just come inside from the wet, dewy night through the cat door, and was now sitting on my chair, licking his paws and purring!



This was the key I needed to understand that I was in a Sound-only Universe.

The pattern of the “Cat Purr” has incredible dimension – “encoded” within the very matrix of the “Cat Purr” itself are elements of love and information – this “encoding” has “receptor nodes” which seem to “attach” or “dock at the ports” of human brain consciousness, imparting not only love, but information (MOMMY was right about the nature of the Dakkar!!!!!!!!! Yieeeeeee!! …) I could go on, but …


Once I has mapped out and oriented myself in Sound Land, I composed myself and continued. “Ken Me” sat in Zen, absorbed into the Sound Universe. The Observer I watched.

Then something exceedingly odd began to happen. An alien sound “form” began to manifest itself from a position which I perceived as “above.” It was a rasping, sawing kind of sound which -- from its very onset -- seemed 100% at odds with any of the other sounds that were “supposed” to be in my environment.

The persistent, rasping sawing noise steadilyt grew more aggressive– to the point of where the Observant I began to perceive that my physical body was alarmed, wanted to break meditation, and also wake up, and exit the lucid dream environment.

Sweating blood and bullets out of my metaphoric nonexistent head – I struggled mightily to expand my bandwidth of information perception. I wanted to maintain my perceptions within SOUND LAND but I also wanted more information to go on.

Since sound is basically a form of information, a vibration in the universe, I knew that I could re-interpret that information by altering my perspective on HOW I choose to model that information – and there is nothing to say that one cannot “see’ sound – indeed, people with a condition called synesthesia are able to “see” sound – and so I “moved” to make this adjustment and …

!!!!!!!!!! KAAA—BLAAAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was back in my living room, still physically sitting in Zen. My “Observer I” had receded. Now “Ken Me” again, I looked around quickly and noticed Mr. Lamp was still with me – thus I knew I was still in the lucid dream dimension of my living room!

I allowed myself to arise from my Zen position with my dream body –taking care to remain asleep and dreaming ---

I looked up to the ceiling – and there it was!! There was an arc of jagged light pulsating along itself, moving with the sound of sawing, a rasping, screeching sawing noise.


I observed the arcing “saw” of light – back and forth it pulsated, back and fourth, trying to gain entrance through the roof!! We have a tall A-Frame or “cathedral” type of roof, so there is a great height and volume of space overhead. I could see the arcing saw in the north portion of our high, steep-angle roof.

I mean, w ell, clearly I knew right away that I would have to put a stop to whatever was trying to saw an opening up there – trying to breach my realm.

The clever b*******! They no longer dared to come in through the doors or the windows, so now it was an attempt to saw through the roof!

Now it seemed no accident why I had been to SOUND LAND. After spending – how long? – maybe a couple of thousands years in the sound realm in terms of Relative Time – I had gained an intuitive sense on how to deal with who ever or whatever was trying to get in.

I composed myself, I got an exact reading on the modulation of the rasping of the saw form – for this seemed to be an instrument of pure sound – and with my mind, I caused my dream body to vibrate with the exact same sound modality of the intruding saw “blade.”.

I caused my dream body to float toward the arcing SOUND SAW – which I could perceive in the additional dimension or modality of LIGHT – and as I moved toward it, I began to feel a kind of crackling resistance suffusing my entire being. But I leveraged that cracking resistance to more precisely match the invading SOUND SAW – and I moved closer, closer, closer … until …

!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAMMING SPEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I smashed into the arcing SOUND SAW – and when the modality of my own vibration pulse contacting it –

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




NO BREACH!!!!!!!!



(Sorry for shouting – but all this is like, such a “wow” experience – it’s just so difficult to relate it all to you in words).

All was quiet and calm. I rose and stretched. I looked up at the roof. No holes.

I went into the next room, where I saw that little iPod has slipped off to his cat dream world, curled into a little black ball on my office chair.


I felt the intuitive vibrational integrity of my house-home-universe … and so I went off to bed for a restful sleep.

The next morning my wife had a strange dream to report.

She said that she dreamt that she could hear strange noises coming from around the roof.

Suddenly she was outside, and was shocked to see that four Bigfoot creatures were “just sort of floating” at each corner of the roof of our house, and that they were trying to lift the roof right off the top of the house.

The Bigfoot creatures grunted and strained and became frustrated. They gave up, jumped down and loped off into the woods – but as soon as they disappeared into the tree-line, a crashing noise could be heard coming from the woods. She said it was like in the movies when you hear King Kong coming, and you hear trees crashing down and thundering footsteps before you see him.

And then out of the woods emerges a giant Sasquatch! This one is a silver back! It looks like the Alpha Male of Bigfoot ilk – except this one has some extra features – a row of hug, horned spikes emerging from the top of each knuckle!

The giant Sasquatch strides up to our house, clambers up the tall, steeply-pitched roof, goes to the peak, and starts raking the back of it’s knuckle-spiked hands back and forth across the roof!

My wife said to me: “Then in the dream, I ran into the house to tell you there was a giant Bigfoot standing on our roof, using knuckle claws to tear a hole in our roof! I couldn’t find you right away. I ran upstairs to the bedroom and … I don’t know how to describe it .. you were doing something so strange … you were holding some kind of giant tuning fork, the size of a broom … you were banging the tuning fork on the floor … I asked what you were doing … you said, “That Bigfoot has very sensitive ears, extremely sensitive. When he breaks a hole in the roof, the sound will drive him crazy and he’ll run away.”

At that point, my wife said the dream became “very confusing” and she doesn’t really remember how it ended.

She said: “I remember thinking, though, ‘well at least Ken is trying to do something.’


After this incident – and there is no doubt in mind this was another “incident” involving the Hidden People – my relationship with the Hidden People changed dramatically.

In fact, I made my peace with them – or I should say – they made their peace with me. That’s a very long and strange tale, perhaps not as esoteric as this which you have just read – but in a way, even more weird.

Will I write about??? I don't know. It will be a hell of a challenge!


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A very courageous post IG. Trying to communicate something like that is so difficult.

I think of myself as a fantastic verbal communicator, and I recall struggling to communicate the meditative experience of losing connection with space and time, of becoming detached from all input, so that space, distance were rendered meaningless and subjective.

A billion light years was an inch, and a single inch was a billion light years, such had measurement become nothing more than a construction, and artifact. In that state, (and this is where I lost her) Even "UNDERSTANDING" itself, had become cumbersome and bulky and easily let go of, dropped away. The result was an elation and joy like I had never experienced.

Anyway, very courageous, and well executed communication of esoteric experience. I read each word with relish!!!


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A very courageous post IG. Trying to communicate something like that is so difficult.

I think of myself as a fantastic verbal communicator, and I recall struggling to communicate the meditative experience of losing connection with space and time, of becoming detached from all input, so that space, distance were rendered meaningless and subjective.

A billion light years was an inch, and a single inch was a billion light years, such had measurement become nothing more than a construction, and artifact. In that state, (and this is where I lost her) Even "UNDERSTANDING" itself, had become cumbersome and bulky and easily let go of, dropped away. The result was an elation and joy like I had never experienced.

Anyway, very courageous, and well executed communication of esoteric experience. I read each word with relish!!!


Your comments mean so much to me, Albatross. Thanks! I re-read the post, and cringed a lot. It's just far from perfect and awkward .. and maybe not all that interesting. But .. you know ... it's all just information, and writer's need to challenge themselves,and NOT STAY IN THEIR COMFORT ZONES ... you take risks, both in consciousness exploration and in trying to bring back reports from "out there" ... there's always more to come, and who knows, maybe the next post will be more fun an entertaining. But one just wants to get it all down, the good, the bad, the goofy, the inane, the accidentally entertaining or eloquent ... thanks, thanks, again, Albatross, your kindness and input is a balm ...

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If I were you Ken I'd get MORE Cats, LOTS more! They obviously are pretty essential :-)

You are so exactly right about this ... I only occasionally hint at the "cat factor" but I cannot express adequately the subtle -- the very, very, very subtle -- partnership with "Cat Consciousness" brings ...

There is a dimension to interaction with cat consciousness that I think a lot of people would find astounding -- many of them already leverage it intuitively, no doubt, but when I think about the richness of dimension and the encoded potential within "purring" communication itself -- it's amazing, but also so difficult to grasp ... yow! ... so hard to communiciate all this ...

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I think MOMMY'd agree with me that we, as a people, need to learn more about Cats.

They're such caretakers-guardians sometimes (in my experience). My new little one, Melody, purrs beautifully. It's such a wonderful feeling. (Of course, she also swats my hand at mealtimes to "encourage" me to dole out the food faster, whilst making velociraptor noises..) She has amazing, perfect markings & someone just dropped her off...the day I was praying that I really, really wanted a kitten - and I need to stop talking about Melody because my Facebook and life is already all her right now - :P !! Sorry! :-)

Has MOMMY ever mentioned Siamese cats? They seem different in temperament to others by a little. I was thinking about the guild that may have something to do with the extra toes the other day and am wondering if there are other types of guilds and groups.


Also, this whole account is pretty amazing. The alpha Sasquatch entity with those knuckles...wow.

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