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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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An Artist's Impression of the "Goddess Waitress"



I was pleasantly surprised to find in my email box this stunning take on the “Goddess Waitress” from the Restaurant on the Edge of Time, beautifully done by New Zealand artist Sanjana Baijnath. This is Sanjan’s impression of what the Goddess Waitress might look like.

I mean, wow! This is a lovely piece of art. I think Sanjana captured the essential luminous, sensual, slightly dangerous, powerful quality of the Goddess Waitress – I gazed at this portrait for a long time – I could not be more delighted and impressed by the talent of the artist – and spent some time looking at a lot of her other work at: http://www.sanjanasart.com/

(That’s an unsolicited plug, by the way). What do you all think? I'm in "oh wow!" mode.



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