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A man awake

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Quick little journy

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White Crane Feather


Laying in bed as everyone mills around. I decided to exit. Barely any vibrations. I just gently floated off my bed. I then half walked half floated down stairs I drug my hand on the wall to see if I could hear it.... I could. Knowing there is no friction in astral it must me a mental creation... A thought form of what I would expect to hear.. I went to the living room where My two boys were haveing cerea in the breakfast nookl. The baby was playing in the excerscoser. I followed my niece to the door as she left for school. Then back to the baby. The baby was smiling at me like he always does. I wonder if he is really doing it or if this is also astral thought form?

Then my wife came to pick him up...walking straight through me. I expected a bump or something..instead my astral body sort of dispersed like a cloud. And wisps of it followed after her.

That's when it happened!!!!! I became aware of myself up stairs in bed, but also downstairs now a dispersed cloud. Just for a second I had duel concousness. Full awareness in both places.

A little thing.... But defiantly progress in obtaining bi location. But I am starting to see that the here and now astral Space is but a whispy shadow of the physical world. A mixture of mind and reality. Sorting between the two is difficult indeed.

Edit: I just walked down stairs. Both boys had cereal. The excerscosser was in the same exact place. The assortment of toys scattered about was identical ( although I was not paying much attention to their location)..... And I asked my wife if she picked up the baby just after my niece left. She said yes. I also asked if he was smiling. She said yes. ( he is always smiling).

She is used to me asking strange questions.... She dosnt ask why anymore.

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