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What's on JB's mind?

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9 days to go...

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Jonny Bristolian


Until I turn 30.

I'm not one to celebrate birthdays or things like that and I was hoping that this would be the case for this one but my family have other ideas. I understand turning 30 is traditionally cause for a big celebration but i'm generally uncomfortable at being the centre of attention. I was hoping to go out for a meal with a few family members and that's all. I don't know what they have planned but I'm beginning to dread it. My Mum doesn't understand. She's a big family person and loves to plan a party for anything!

I'm not worried about turning 30. I'm feel happier the older I get. I didn't enjoy my teens, 20's were better and hopefully my 30's will be even better. Looking back to the school years, I didn't enjoy them too much. I didn't suffer any bullying or anything like that, I just didn't feel challenged enough. I didn't go to the best school and the naughty kids got most of the attention during class. By the time I reached my teens I kind of gave up on learning. I had a small group of friends and school for me was basically about hanging out with them. School finished and I decided to go to sixth form college and study business. I didn't have much interested in that but a few teachers suggested it to me and a few friends. I passed the course but haven't used it since!

During sixth form I lost contact with most of my friends who either went to other colleges or universities or dropped out of school all together. After sixth form I lost all contact. I started working in a shop and made new friends and generally enjoyed my time there but 3 and a half years later my life wasn't making much progress as I entered my 20's. People began to move on and I decided to too. Since then I had a few other jobs before settling down as a postman. I've been a postman for 7 years and this is a job for life if I want it. It's not stressful and gives me plenty of time on my own which I like. It's kind of like being my own boss!

I'll look back on my 20's for another reason, having my 2 daughters. We've been lucky how they've turned out. They are good girls who enjoy learning and enjoy life! So looking forward, I'm excited about seeing them grow up and see where life takes them. I don't have any plans for my 30's. I'm thinking that maybe in my 40's I will do something different. I've thought about travelling when I reach my 40's. My girls will be grown up by then and living there own life and I'll take this time to see the world, who knows, they might want to come with me! Travelling has always interested me but there hasn't really been a chance for me to do much so far in life. I guess having old fashioned parents wasn't the best for someone who has a sense of adventure. They both have jobs they've had for years and I think that's what they want for my brother and me. Leave school, get a good job, meet someone and raise a family. That is their plan and one that rubbed off on me. I think I was in my early 20's when I began to realise that my life was indeed that, my life!

Right now I'm happy where I am in life but I feel I'll need to get out and see the world one day. Afterall, we're only here a short while so we should make the most of it and see what's around us!

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