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A year of success for a friend

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Jonny Bristolian


I've not long finished talking on the phone to a good friend of mine who is moving in with his girlfriend tomorrow. He's had a good year compared to recent ones. Just over a year ago he was at rock bottom. He lost his job, his girlfriend and his kids. To make it worse he became an alcoholic. He considered suicide a few times and his family where very worried about him as he disappeared a number of times. I don't know what changed for him but he checked himself into rehab and over the past 9 months has recovered from his alcohol problem (not a single drop in 9 months!), retured to college and met his new girlfriend. He's done briliantly and I'll meet up with him soon. I think his girlfriend should take a lot of credit as she said she wouldn't go near him until he sorted himself out and now he has, he's never been so happy.

His ex wasn't a nice person and cheated on him then left him so that's when his problems started. He drank more and more and became depressed which eventually lead to him losing his job. He's missed seeing his daughters grow up over the past year but now he's becoming the Dad he wants to be. I remember telling him that he needs to sort himself out now so it doesn't effect his girls to much. They are 4 and 2 and they will need him as they grow, they don't need an alcoholic Dad. I think a few things clicked and that must have lead to his big turn around. I told him that I'm proud of him and pleased with his progress. Hopefully life with his new girlfriend will be even better and I hope that 2012 see's him back in his daughters life on a regular basis.

So there we go, a success story of sorts from 2011.

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