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A man awake

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Quick set back

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White Crane Feather


Well I have had a few incredible journys since my last one. But they are s bit personal so Im keeping them off of here.

But, this morning a series of exits that seems to be like I'm back to struggling with basics. Sometimes my mind is clear and no problems; sometimes these little things hold me back. It's frustrating.

I initiated vibrations this morning to exited. The vibrations are so subtle now it's hard to tell if it's time to exit or not. So I do then I'm testing reality with my senses. I can feel the bite of the air, my covers, and the bounce of the bed. It's so real I convince myself that I did not exit.,,, poof... of course to be back In bed realizing I did..... Sheesh will I ever stop doing this??????

So I do it again. Still I am almost convinced that I just got out of bed, but quick check back at myself shows that indeed I'm out. I start to head to the door to go through it. But all these conversations with people about my problems with walls has got me thinking about it...so..,,,,, I just bounce off the door....uggggg!!!! I can't beleive one day I can pull apart reality all the way down to the substrate dimention of light, yet on another I'm bouncing off a door.

I move over to a wall. I try to put my hand through it. Nope!!! Solid.

That's when I hear this giggling behind me. I don't even have to look, I know who it is. I turn to face Her. Her youthful feminine face is smiling and sitting on my bed next to me. My spirit guide. She then just says " you are trying to hard silly..,. When are you going to learn to just ignore these imaginary physical barriers"

I say " i know, I know" then I'm opening my eyes in bed.

Well nothing exciting there just the endless struggle of controlling this stubborn mind of mine.

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