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A man awake

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It's what's in it that counts.

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White Crane Feather


I just woke up from a peculiar dream.

I was visited by my father last night. It was one of those dreams where he is still alive. Some how I had bumped into him while takeing a group of students on a hikeing trip.

I left them to spend some time with him. We were together for a while in a sacred spot to both of us in the mountains. It was very peaceful. He also looked well. It seemed like we were together for a few days.

Upon visiting my students, my father and this unknown woman with my group fell in love... Then soon they disappeared together.

Upon looking for him where the cars were parked, there was no sign of him. I looked for his truck buy nothing.

Then this boy came running out from a nearby camp. I know this boy. He says " I herd him say he wants to see what you will do with it". He then points to this old dilapidated travel trailer. I go to it and look into hit. It's got a few of his important posetions in it. I was trying to figure out how safe it would be to pull this thing with my truck, when the boy adkes..."so are you going to take it ?" I say "no it's what is inside that matters" I gather my fathers belongings with the strangest feeling that that was our last trip to that sacred spot.

Strange dream. I wonder where it Is comeing from. I'm strangely saddened and at peace at the same time. His appearance was different. His hair had turned whiter and he had a strange vitality that was a bit odd. I get this feeling he is moving on to something else. In way saying good bye.,,,,, again!!! Last time I saw him he was with his brother in the spirit world going on a fishing trip. Maybe he is finally giving up his humanity and moving on to be a higher kind of spirit. Or Mabey he has chosen to be reborn, the message was clear however. Whith what he has left me... inside is what counts, and he wants to see what I will do with it. I think this may be something that i am supposed to tell people who have lost loved ones. It seems I have become a shamanic counselor without even realizing I was headed that way. This tid bit will be very comforting to people

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