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A man awake

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It's a strange night

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White Crane Feather


It's a strange night. My 6 year old had his 1st text book sleep pralysis event. The kids all went crazy about the same time. My four year old woke up and my 8 month old Started screaming all about the same time. My body is buzzing with chills and presence feelings. I will journey tonight. Someone is hanging about, and I want to find out why. I'll edit and add to this if anything happens. I can tell it's going to be a wild night.


So I was able to create a very quick vibration initiation and exit. I lifted out of my body onto the floor. Without doing a reality check in made a flying leap through the sliding glass door out to the balcony. Into the air for flight. No hiccups going through the glass. I shot into the air and turned toward the mountains. I flew for quite some time diveing in and out of ravines, flying low and weaving through trees. It was all very beautiful and the wind on my face very invigorating. Finally I could feel this pull to this grassy hill. I landed there. After all I was journeying to investigate the strangeness of the night. I sat there for a while. Then I saw them.

They were sort of marching in a line. Robotic like people. I called to them, and I got their attention and they started toword me. I could feel a bit of anxiety begin to surface, so I quickly put it down else I would return or loose control of the trance.

When they got to me they sort of formally surrounded me. Still steadying myself with an observers mentality, I start to ask what this is all about. Then one behind grabs my arm and sort makes an effort to restrain me. ( they don't know who they are dealing with), I create a pressure pulse in 360 degrees that knocks them all back and to the ground. I then go to one and stand over it and ask him what that was for. But there is nothing. Just blank soulless and eyeless image. I have sen these eyless entities before. They represent disease. Fever and flu.

I have a feeling a flu is about to sweep through my house. In don't feel anything yet, but these eyeless entities are always around when there are viruses present. My interpretation of the spiritual componant of diseases. I'll stock up on plantain, mint, and yarrow today. I'll have to buy the yarrow. I'll also make sure we have some baby motrin available.

Follow up.

After that journey I told my wife to change cloths when she comes home, and to take a showers imeadiatly after work because there is a bug going around. She didn't ask how I knew, when I start talking like that in the morning she knows it came from "dreams". Sure enough when she got ho

that day She told me a lot of people are sick witha stomach flu. Then yesterday ( the day after this journey) my assistant has the stomach flu and lots of kids are not comeing in for classes. So far so good for it not being in our house.

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