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A man awake

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Meeting with an angle.

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White Crane Feather


Vision log

Last night I was up late contemplating to many things. My next move in business, some problems with a friend of mine, and some other personal issues.

It was close 4 am and I felt that my mind was in the right place for a journey. 

I laid back fairly exhausted from just thinking. I felt myself slip into the in between Meditative states and I could hear a girl speaking.  She was a little girl and I did not know her language. I faded in and out a few times while listening to her. I wish I could tell what she was saying.

I couldn't do much. It was obvious she had a lot to say, I just could not make out a single word.

 Then I dove my concousness a little deeper. Vibrations flared to life. I was in no hurry to accomplish any thing so I worked on intensifying them. I brought them to full intensity ( nothing like the old days) before I knew a little further would put me into a wild ( wake induced lucid dream). Then I exited.

I was exhausted and I did not want to do much. So went downstairs just to feel myself walking around in my house to once again marvel at how amazing this all is. Then I walked out aside and said to the sky... "Just take me god. Show me what you want me to see." 

Instantly the great spirit took control of my flight and I was zooming straight up to the stars. I was moving very fast. The stars that I was passing soon turned into galaxys. A close flyby of a galaxy is an amazing thing to witness. I could tell I was headed to the end of the universe. Then there started to be little bursts of light like fireworks. A little particle would burst in to a thousand colors. Colors i have never seen before, I cant even describe them because there is no reference to another color. 

As I burst through this... I started seeing pictures of people, forests, math equations, and oceans. Some of them were clearly not terrestrial. The images came slow at first then they started to come faster and faster. The were coming so fast eventually. Thousands per moment.. Yet somehow I could keep up. Then suddenly I was looking up at a star field on earth. I looked down and I was again over my house. The suddenly I was rocketed to the ocean in a northwest direction. I was taken into the ocean and into the earth. There I saw a weakening part of the earth. "I said I know, you showed me already"--- there is going to be a massive earthquake in the pacific northwest. I wonder when. That would be more useful. But I don't think I'm ment to know.

Then I asked to see the great spirit personally. Then I could hear my spirit guide whisper in my ear that I cannot see the great spirit because I am the great spirit, but I can see the angle that is carrying me. Ok I say show me. Then I see both my spirit guides standing next to the most beautiful woman I have everseen. Wait no I have seen her before. She was the one standing over my sons  bed when I went to confront his night terrors, she was also the physical angle all those years ago that would not let go of my hand in the drive thru that melted my anger and surely stopped me from driving of in a rage. ( I was in an argument with my wife)

She is always here isn't she. She is not a guide though. Something entirely more divine. I felt such love for her, so much In fact I felt sexually attracted to her. This is where I lost my trance. I felt ashamed about that thought and it snapped me back to ordinary reality.

Nop...... I reinitiated vibrations that came instantly and I was out of body again. I apologized to that angle for my animal and surrendered myself again. Once again I shot straight up into the stars. Knowing now it is the angle that is carrying me. She shows me places vast mountain ranges on different life filled planets, Wonderful stellar formations, meadows with herds of animals I have never seen before, massive organisms that look like trees but they are not quite. She speeds me through place after place. I am beginning to cry. I ask her why she is showing me all this. She says that you asked the great spirit to show you what it wills. You are the great spirit, and this is what you want. To experience the richness of the universe. Lovely isn't it. I say yes. 

The show went on for hours I can't possibly describe all that I have seen. 

I came to in a dazz. Still trying to process it all. I must really be crazy now that I have angles telling me that I am god. I don't think it's just me though. I think it's a much larger context as these communications usually are.

Wow what a night. This is going to be my all time favorite. I'll blog it, but I don't think I'll ever tell a soul personally. It's just to out there. They will just think I'm on drugs...

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White Crane Feather


Exactly what shape was it then?

Shape? The angle? Well when my guides showed her to me she was text book angle right out of a picture. A Beautiful woman. I saw her once in wakeing life. She grabed my hand through a drive through window ( in and out) and would not let go of my hand until my anger melted. It stoped me from driving off in a rage.

While she was carrying me, I could not see her only hear her.

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Amazing journey, I love reading your blog entries.Could you describe some of the other worldly animal life you saw *o* thatd be so awesome

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White Crane Feather


I think I can. My memory is fading with a lot of what I saw...there is just to much, But some things stick out and I'll never forget. One of the herd animals that is saw was much like a kangaroo with six legs. 4 of them were for movement, the other two stuck out in front like arms, but there was a large single horn on each... ( an antler?) My perspective was over the top of them, but it looked like their knees on the backs legs were oposite. They were running in some kind kind of large swampish meadow. There was some sort of liquid ( I'd say water, but it wasn't water) about a foot deep on the ground. It had a sheen to it. Oily like. When it splashes the droplets through the air had a phosphorescent glow to them.

The large tree like organism was completely amazing. It was miles high and wide. There were thick clouds everywhere and lightning would strike it. On the upper regions. I think that's how it collects it's energy. There were also colonies of something the looks like Kush ball all over it.

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Wow that sounds so awesome... I think I have only had a truly lucid dream maybe 3 times... It'd be so cool to be experienced to the point where I could see something like you have. Bravo!

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