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A man awake

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This is why.

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White Crane Feather


This is precisely why I came to um forums and started blogging. I love watching people defeat and grow passed those nightmares into a new reality. These letters make my month everytime.

From a friend here on um.

"Hey Seeker,

It's been so long since we've communicated, thats becasue my fear of sleep paralysis held me back from trying astral projection, until now!

I've been reading your blog over the past couple of weeks, I love reading it and hearing about your adventures.. It's sparked facination and inquiry again for me with regards to astral projection.. So I read through our old convo and have woken myself up at 3am twice last week, I have been trying to visualise a purple ball floating about a rulers lenght away from my face, this is hard to get the hang of but I progress each time. Anyway those 2 attempts didn't work, I fell aslepp (it's only the first 2 though so ofcourse it won't work).

But as you you I get sleep paralysis and I know how to make myself have sleep paralysis, a simple lack of sleep for a couple of days and an episode is guaranteed. I have been trying to stay up later and get up earlier for this reason because now I feel like facing my fears with SP is going to be worth it if it means being able to astral project.

Anyway this morning I had to get up really early and drive a mate to work, was feeling really groggy when I got back home so did the visualize ball thing for about 20 mins and fell asleep.. My dream turned lucid, as soon as I realised I said (in my dream) I'm lucid I'm going to astral project, that's all I did I didn't have to concentrate on getting back to the bed to do so, just simply thinking it in my lucid state brought me back to my bed (like as if I was being draged to it by a rope) comfortably ofcourse, anyway then I realised I was laying in my bed and after a very short moment vibrations started and my ears started crakling really loud. Unfortunately this made me so excited that it stopped the crakling and vibrations, I tried a few times and got so close but failed..

Anyway, it was the first time I have felt sleep paralysis and not felt scared, all there was was excitement, by sleep paralysis I mean the first part of the vibrations. I think I've got you to thank. I'm so much closer now and my fear is gone.. Thanks to your blog.

Also I think you're right, because of my sleep paralysis I really feel this will not take me long at all to project. I felt so close this morning and it's only my third time trying in a week!! I'm going to focus on recognising I'm dreaming and turning my dreams lucid, along with the wake up technique too.

If you have any advice for me for the next time I start to get that crackly sound to stop me from ending it from my excitement please let me know..

I can't wait to dive into this world."

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