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A man awake

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Long conversation with an oak

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White Crane Feather


Vision log

Last night I initiated vibrations Ito exit. I felt a little off. Like I wasn't fully in control. I paused beside my bed and focused my attention on vibrations. They flared a bit and it semes o help. I took a moment to look at my boys. They were in bed with me. My wife was home and my baby has had some ear infections so he has to sleep upright for better drainage, so she was sleeping with him down stairs so she could do that.

I was looking for any of those virus spirits. None.

I walked to the sliding glass door and looked out. That's when I saw her. The oak spirit. The branches form sort of a face of an old woman. I have spent a few journies with the oaks in my yard and have developed amspecial relationship with them. It's a long story but it was a a prayer and a covenant with them that I'm positive helped me seccure my acre against all odds.

Any way. This particular oak actually is in plain view right next to a large bedroom window right next to my bed. She greets me every morning and tucks me in every night. Some mornings I just lay there watching the squirls play in her branches.

I step out through the sliding glass door and float over to her. Sitting on a large branch I am marveling at this sort of sparkling aura or current the trees have when out of body. I have seen it many times. Placing my hand on the bark the current sort of crackles up my arm creating warm pleasent vibrations; she begins to communicate. Not in words but a sort of melding. A sort of knowing of the existence of the other. It's hard to explain.

I'm not sure how long I was there I sort of lost normal concousness and sliped into a different state. I was aware but different. Tree concousness perhaps? Awareness was turned more inward than out ward. I was aware of the inside of the tree and my own body. The world of my cells and the trees cells.....their relationship and life. Nothing really to relate it to.

When I faded back to this reality I was instantly struck with a sense of shift in awareness. External awareness that we have seemed very forign for just a moment. The trees are oposite. The exist in a place where the external is barely recognized and the internal , the small, is their world and universe. We are oposite. We barely pay attention to the internal and are occupied with the external and large.

I felt very calm and refreshed.

A very interesting journey. I have communicated with trees before, but none of them has ever shown me how they perceive concousness. I wonder if other plants are the same way?

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for the past few months i've been seeing like this heat ripple after-image of a tree, it only happens when the sun is out, usually on humid days and usually when i'm walking and looking at the clouds. it looks like the exact same form as the foliage, and it sort of 'floats off' like it's caught in the wind. every tree makes its own unique pattern. the first time i saw it i ducked (hehe) i thought it was something coming for me ^_^

so.. yeah.. i don't know.. now i talk to the tree's a lot more than i used to.. now that i can see this whole new world to them..

so tree admirer, lemme ask you something, ..do you have neighbourhood cats that you can pat, and they 'charge you up' if you know what i mean?

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White Crane Feather


Squirrels.... I am friends with the squirrels. I'm the only one who can pet them, but my six year old is getting really close. He has to learn not to look directly at them.

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Seeker - thank you for this beautiful journey post. I was just talking to my daughter about meditation and I couldn't help but tell her your story of the tree and how it's conscience is with in. Very inspiring. We are all so busy thinking and doing and rarely stop to ever just simply be. Thank you

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