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talking to myself

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What rules our lives?



What rules our lives

We all have a path, a central struggle that allows other areas of our lives to either blossom and grow, or whither and die. I am speaking from experience here, well actually, everything I write is from my own inner journey, failures and successes. I always find myself in trouble when I allow my own inner reactions, or if you like, emotional responses to exert some kind of authority over me. Emotions, the ones that are most felt and dealt with on a daily basis, have deep roots in the far past. Mind feed from when I was two, not an uncommon age for life's journey to start. What wakes us is a 'jolt' ,a painful one. We suddenly become aware and find out we are naked, we leave the garden of oneness and find ourselves alone in a cold dark world. As the years go by, we have to make choices about how we allow these inner wounds to affect us. They can rule our lives, or lead us to make choices to not reject them, but to not believe that they have some insight into life that is in anyway infallible. Not to choose, or at least to attempt to, leads to a life of endless repetitions of the same pain, loss and even the destruction of relationships that could actually help in healing. I at times think that my inner life is made up of bits and pieces and the only way that I can make sense of it is to try to bring these bits together. It is by observing and not identifying that this process can begin. Also, a deep faith in the love and intimacy of God, can go a long way in giving courage for this journey.

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