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A man awake

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Another movie dream

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White Crane Feather



I call these movie dreams. Last night it was a long drawn out dream.

The jist of it was that I was part of a group of explorers that discovers a lost civilization under ground somewhere. Somewhat like the center of the earth. They are somewhat aboriginal like.

( admiral Richard Byrd, was my grand fathers cousin or uncle---mothers side--- my whole family thinks I'm him reincarnated because I look like his twin ... Especially as a child).

These people were not happy being discovered. We could not totally understand them, but we could tell, to them, we were a threat because of what we did to our world, they did not want the influence on theirs. We were taken prisoner, but they were graciouse to let us keep our gear. We were kept in an extreme large hollowed out tree.

Early the next morning ( I worked all night) I used a chisel to creat a hole in the holding tree. While trying to get everyone packed up and through the hole we are discovered. Knowing this was our only chance myself and a few of the others make it through the hole. They are the only ones smart enough to forget about their gear and make a run for it. I'm screaming at the others to forget trying to pack that crap, I'll show them how to survive without it. Im also now locked into battle defending the hole. I feel a wave of sickening disappointment when I realize that the others that got out with me have taken and Everyman for himself attitude and are running away instead of helping me clear the others.

These people are not simple. They are very sophisticated martial artists. I'm actually enjoying the battle. Realizing the the hole is a bottle neck and I can't possibly get everyone through, I make an efort to reach the large doors to open them. The battle intensifies, but I wake up in the midst of it.

Fun dream. Slightly Atlantis related. I remember thinking while I was there, could these be where the people of Atlantis ended up.

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I had a crazy dream when I tried to dream about Atlantis. Interesting that I also saw them a some sort of tribes people, there was huts and fires. These people looked like warriors, they had on some sort of armor and were carrying weapons. I was in a crowd of people in the darkness, I could hear them talking about me, they were saying "She will be here tonight, She said she would be back to kill her. She will be dressed in yellow, black and red... Find her." But I could see myself wearing a very long blood-red riding hood type of garb. I was swiftly making my way trough the crowd unnoticed, slipping unseen between huge men. Then I saw her, I walked up behind her and I bit her neck. She was dead, I lay her down slowly and looked at how pale and beautiful she was, I could see the tears in her eyes and the softness of her hands. Her hands, they stood out to me for some reason how lifeless they were, limp and fragile. Then just like that I turned to go and disappeared back into the crowd. That was it... I woke up. I thought it was crazy I wanted to dream Atlantis and I dream myself as a Vampire. lol

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White Crane Feather


You should look at anvils Atlantis thread. It's working out to be quite interesting.

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I will definitely start posting in there, I have read a little in... up to the beginning of the second page. I think it's very interesting, I'm looking forward to participating. I'm going out to get a dream journal later just so I don't forget details.

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