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The Strange Universe of Dr. 58

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I Explore an Underground Moon Colony




My journey into the Hallway of Infinity in the form of Ken 3.0 was not a long one.

I was sucked in – I briefly perceived an endless hallway lined with millions of doorways extending off into the vast distance – but I was blasted through just the second doorway on the left.

All the drama and mayhem happening with the polyhedron of love in The RET proper was instantly left behind.

There was the a mild air-concussion feeling, and in the next instant, I found myself in what looked like a large shopping mall – no wait – it was decidedly more like the wide walkway of a modern airport concourse.

You know the way it is in a big-city airport – you walk along -- and on one side are gift shops, bars and restaurants, and on the other side are the waiting area and the big windows looking out over the runways and the airplanes.

Well, it was like that, except there were no shops opposite the windows-waiting areas, but rather a variety of spaces accommodating what I would call lounges, and some area that almost looked like living rooms or living spaces – there was furniture and tables, and such -- it was like being in a large hotel, really.

The furniture and general was more or less present-day in terms of modernity, although slightly futuristic, or slightly odd.

There were windows on the opposite side, and when I looked out at the view – I immediately knew exactly where I was!

For I had been here before, many years ago—probably at least 25 years ago -- during an out-of-body experience!

I was on our earth’s moon!

More accurately, I was inside a vast underground complex constructed beneath the surface of the moon.

But wait a minute – I said there were large windows that looked outside over the lunar landscape – yet, I knew I was underground.

Well, the way this was possible – and I had determined this on my previous journey to this moon base many years ago – was that there were some kind of fiber-optic cables (I assumed) affixed to the surface of the moon, and these were fed underground where they transmitted live images of the lunar landscape to be displayed on the huge screens that were like floor-to-ceiling windows.

In this way the claustrophobia of living deep beneath surface of the lunar regolith was relieved.

I also knew this: This particular moonbase was established by and belonged to the country of India. If I remember correctly, it was a few centuries into the future – something like 2200 or 2300 A.D. (It may have been even further into the future. I wrote about this somewhere before, but I don’t remember where).

Anyway, it was obvious that India will become a major spacefaring power in the coming centuries – but I am not sure if this is a timeline in direct connection our own – this may or may not be an alternate universe branching off from ours– but, whatever.

Although I’m kind of embarrassed about this, I should tell you how I was embodied as Ken 3.0 there within the underground Indian moonbase:

I am manifested as an empty, light “energy-duplicate” of my physical body, except I appear to be only about 25 years old. I am wearing a flowing white robe that hangs straight down to my feet, which are bare. My feet are hanging, toes pointed down because I am floating/levitating about one foot above the floor.

Obviously I don’t need shoes because I float everywhere, which is cool.

My arms are folded with each forearm tucked inside the opposite sleeve. Back when I was a young man I generally wore my hair, which was dark brown, rather longish, and I also favored a short beard which was very black back then – and so this playing off my white robe gives me a rather Biblical look, I guess – again, I find this embarrassing, but how I looked will have some bearing on these events I describe.

But the more important aspect of being embodied as Ken 3.0 is the way I feel, which over the years I have come to call “the TEEBB State.” TEEBB stands for: Total Elimination of Existential Burden of Being. (It’s a term of my own invention).

I won’t go into great detail on this except to say that TEEBB is a marvelously light, unburdened feeling – but it is important to note that there really is no feeling and nothing that seems marvelous – because all of that kind of thing – such as feelings and emotion -- is eliminated.

It is a state of existence free from all the pressure and pain of emotion and intelligence, or joy or sadness, or any kind of philosophy – it’s kind of a state of direct seeing of whatever is in front of you – of not making value judgments at every instant – while you experience the slight electrical experience of a gentle bliss –

-- Except you don’t really FEEL this bliss, as much as you embody this state, and you do so not with the acceptance of the bliss, nor the rejection of bliss – it’s just something that is --

But enough of that –

On my previous trip to India’s underground moonbase, I encountered absolutely no people – but this time around, there were people everywhere, just sort of hanging out and doing all kinds of things.

A short distance from the door I had just come through, I saw three men – they had the dark complexion of the average racial typology one finds in India today– they were kneeling around a panel they had opened up in the floor. They were some kind of technicians doing routine maintenance on some electrical stuff beneath the floor.

I floated toward them, and one of them looked up and noticed me. He elbowed his two fellow workers, and they paused for a moment and looked at me.

It’s difficult to explain what the looks on their faces were expressing: They certainly were not shocked or surprised to be confronted by a floating spectral figure! It was almost as if seeing a ghostly image was a regular occurrence here in an underground moon colony!

The men gave me a brief once over. They exchanged a significant glance with each other. One of them had a sardonic look on his face as if to say, “Oh great” in a bored sort of way. It was like seeing me floating there was little more than a minor irritant or nuisance.

Two of the men gave me a brief nod, and then they all simply turned back to the repairs they were performing on the structure beneath the floor.

I also had no emotional reaction toward them, or a desire to speak with them – because, remember, I was in the TEEBB State as Ken 3.0.

I decided to continue my exploration of the underground Indian moon colony. I floated further along the vast concourse and saw groups of people here and there, including children and teenagers – it was very much the impression that this was a well-established society of people living on the moon who had settled into their various jobs, roles and lifestyles – they were just going about their every-day business.

What was interesting is how people reacted to my presence among them. I know they could see me because many of them acknowledged my presence – yet, absolutely none of them were alarmed that a floating ghost-like figure in white robes was gliding around in their midst.

It made me think that other such similar beings drifted through this moon colony from time to time. (Maybe they thought those like me were remnants of an ancient race of moon people?)

Some people gave me a casual, friendly wave as I floated by – others made kind gestures of modest reverence – for example, they would stop, fold their hands and bow their heads briefly. It was a politely reverential salute – but nothing slobbering over overdone, just respectful and nice.

Some seemed more delighted to see me than others. Some people gave me a troubled frown, but not many. Most were neutral.

At one point I encountered a group of about 30 or 40 people all walking down the long wallway toward me – they were all wearing one-piece work suits or coveralls– it was as if a certain bunch of workers has just completed their shift at whatever job they were employed at and were now walking back to their apartments, or something.

They all just passed me by, some of them nodding and some of them smiling briefly at me – but then one dark-haired woman, about 30ish, with lovely brown eyes and a bright, open, intelligent face stopped in front of me.

She folded her hands and bowed. I was surprised when she began to speak to me. She was using some form of International English-Urdu-Oriental pastiche, but whatever the case, I could understand what she was saying – it was like I was just “getting the meaning” of her words, somehow. She said (more or less):

“Namaste, Sidhu! We are honored by the mystery of your presence! Please tell me, do you have any advice for me on how I can achieve PranNegetic Level 17? I’m stuck on 16. Please, can you help me?”

Because I was manifesting as Ken 3.0 and the TEEBB, I was immediately able to perceive the entire philosophy and rational behind the PranNegetic Pathway.

This woman who had adopted a quasi-religio-spiritual-technological system -- called the PranNegetic Pathway – it was (or I should say, will be in the future) -- a system of self-improvement and spiritual advancement. It was a combination of technological determinism, Vedic theology and a peculiar “natural economic theory” with its roots in thermodynamics and some kind of comprehensive bio-eco-genetics.

The PranNegetic Pathway is composed of 88 Levels, and the higher up these levels one climbed, supposedly the more you improved your life situation, your personal and spiritual development, and your place in the “grand design of universal unfolding,” and so forth.

It seems that it took a tremendous amount of effort to clamber up the levels of the PranNegetic Pathway – I was able to perceive that out of the hundreds of thousands of people who followed the PranNegetic system, only 12 people in all of history had achieved Level 88!

If you made up to say, Level 50, you were already an extremely powerful individual within the PranNegetic organization. An 88 held a tremendously elite position of unlimited power on the material plane.

Practically nothing on earth, the moon, or anywhere else in the human-occupied solar system was beyond the reach of a “Level 88 Elite.”

Even so, from the vantage point of my position within The TEEBB, I was able to perceive that the PranNegetic Pathway was 100% bull****.

In short: It was yet another elaborate, materialistic power game for winners and losers.

I felt no particular need or desire to relieve this woman of the false structure of the PranNegetic Path – however, before I could do anything, her intense desire caused her vibrational aura to project and meld with my TEEBB Aura briefly – this had the effect of causing the entire construct of the PranNegetic Pathway to instantly collapse within her consciousness.

Her eyes popped wide in shock! She backed away from me as if I had slapped her in the face – or had dumped a bucket of icy water over her head!

Everything she had been struggling and striving for through the PranNegetic Pathway now suddenly crumbled. It was burned to a crisp. Not even the ashes of the PranNegetic system remained! All this time, she had been mucking around in a pile of dung!

She collapsed to the floor and grabbed her head. She moaned in the agony of the unveiling of reality!

And she also was able to perceive an extremely painful realization, which was this:

Years ago, as part of her PranNegetic Pathway step-work project, she had sacrificed and labored greatly to help free a certain family from poverty. She was successful in helping a man with a large family get out of desperately poor conditions. He then went on to create great material wealth for himself and for others.

By helping this disadvantaged man, the woman had been elevated from PranNegetic Pathway Level 8 to Level 9, something which she was very proud of.

However, what she did not know was that the man she had helped had later used his wealth and new position to become a manipulative and sadistic serial murderer.

If she hadn’t lifted this man out of poverty, more than a dozen children would not have been brutally strangled to death at his hands. It could be said that deaths of the children were a direct consequence of her assistance in helping him gain material power -- although he may have murdered children while poor, although this was unlikely.

When her vibration level briefly matched my TEEBB State Aura, she was granted insight into many of the outcomes of her actions via the PranNegetic Pathway – the fact was, most of her actions produced great good for the solar system and other people – and in fact, her works had probably saved more lives than those that were lost to the hands of that particular child murderer she had elevated – however, the overall effect was to show her that the PranNegetic Pathway was yet another form of delusion – and so she was devastated.

After the woman fell to the floor some friends rushed to her assistance. One of them said to her:

“Drota! You know it is unwise to have dealings with the Sidhu! They are dangerous! Come away!”

I was able to perceive that Drota would from here-on out began a countermovement to the PranNegetic Pathway, thus sowing the first seed for the dismantling of this system.

As Drota’s friends ministered to her and led her away, I continued my sojourn, floating more deeply down the concourse of the Indian moonbase.

And now I want to tell you about an incredibly astounding encounter I had while manifesting as Ken 3.0 in this strange location:

Moving along, I came upon a kind of rumpus area for children. In this location were a number of boys playing – they were perhaps 8 to 11 years of age. What was unusual were the kinds of mechanical toys they were playing with. These were extremely high-tech, sleekly designed robots of sundry shapes and configurations.

One boy, for example, had under his control a kind of humanoid-spider warrior robot constructed of a highly polished, lustrous metal, which might have been platinum. The humanoid spider-robot could stand up and fight on two legs, or get down on all eight legs for different kinds of thrusts and attacks – it also had metallic wings on its back made of a light blue material – this was as thin an tinfoil – and the peculiar thing about the wings is that they seemed to turn and follow the little boy who was controlling it remotely.

The boys all had small button-sized “bindi’ devices affixed to the center of their foreheads. These looked to be made of a combination of precious stone and super-fine metal mesh – they looked really high tech.

It quickly became apparent to me that the boys were manipulating their battle-bots via the techno-bindis affixed to their foreheads – the wings on the back of the spider robot, for example, would at all times follow and orient themselves to the forehead of the boy who was controlling them.

When I arrived, the spider robot was having a tremendous battle with a raptor-like robot. These toys were about a foot high each. The raptor robot was also rakishly designed and sleek, also sporting a mirror-platinum finish. But the raptor-bot had sinewy leg muscles and powerful jaws – it also had an additional pair of thruster arms protruding from its waist – and, of course, it had the metal-foil wings from which it received instructions from its little boy master operator.

So a number of boys were having a tremendously fun time, gathered around their metallic warriors, engaging them is a furious battle. When I showed up to watch them, all of the boys noticed me – but all seemed well trained to quickly look away and ignore me. (Leave the Sidhu alone! Let them go their way! If you don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with you!)

But something extremely odd happened now. When I arrived, the spider-robot momentarily became erratic and ceased to grapple with its opponent. It pointed its metal foil antenna wings away from the boy who was controlling it, and directed his wings directly at me instead. The boy who owned the spider-robot tapped at his forehead in confusion, fiddling with his bindi as it seemed to malfunction and cause him to lose control over his toy.

The spider-robot scrambled toward me on its spindly, shiny legs, glinting and glistening – it made delightful metallic tinkly-clinky, clitty-clack sounds against the hard floor. The boys looking on became wary, if not mildly alarmed. They backed away, looking uncertain about what was happening. The spider-robot came closer to me, and stopped nearly at my feet, just inches away. It seemed to urge and strain its metal-foil antenna wings toward me –

-- It became obvious to me that the little robot – unlikely as this may seem – wanted to make contact with me, to communicate with me, for some reason.

From my TEEBB State, I directed a flow of energy to the spider-robot’s receptor wings –


Well, to put it more accurately, I was incapable of being amazed because I was unburdened of all such psychological pressures within the TEEBB – but as I am writing this here now, I am feeling the amazement retroactively by proxy as Ken 1.0 for my Ken 3.0 form who was there at the time.

Anyway, the source of my amazement is this: As Ken 3.0, I was able to determine that the spider-robot was manufactured to embody a certain level of computerized AI – or Artificial Intelligence. It was the extremely clever way this effect was engineered within the robot toys that is mind boggling.

(Incidentally: As Ken 3.0 in The TEBB state, I was unable to comprehend the nature of the technology I am about to describe – I’m not going to go deeply into how this works, but I’ll just say that Ken 3.0 was obliged to reach “down” through Ken 2.0 and then further “descend” to “ordinary” Ken (Ken 1.0) sleeping in his bed, and leverage his mechanical knowledge of the Universe …

… again, I don’t want to get bogged down with this here, but I just feel compelled to take this opportunity to mention how tremendously weird it is to “reach down” and perceive the physical Ken 1.0 from the “platform” of Ken 3.0.

From the vantage point of Ken 3.0 – perceiving Ken 1.0 is something similar to looking through the wrong end of a telescope, or down into a microscope – and to Ken 3.0, Ken 1.0 seems like a bizarre filament of biological matter of no consequence – yet this biological filament bristles in the weirdest way with information that seems “entangled” somehow – yet, when this entanglement – or “glop” – of biological information is filtered through or cross-references with the quality of the unexpurgated consciousness that attends Ken 3.0 in the TEEBB– well, the result is the ability to leverage highly novel forms of information that can’t be perceived in quite any other way …

… I should also say that as I sent my consciousness down to retrieve the assistance of Ken 1.0, I bypassed Ken 2.0, and I was bemused – and somewhat saddened (in a non-feeling way) to note that Ken 2.0 had entrapped himself in pathetic circumstances – there he was, somehow all mixed up with a pepper plant and some bizarre multi-dimensional freaks to form a temporary construct that was streaming energy through it – all with the purpose of disentangling some other strange individual from some delusion complex she had been caught up within … it all seemed pointless from the standpoint of Ken 3.0 … )

Now, anyway, back to the spider-robot:

With Ken 1.0’s help, I as Ken 3.0 was able to determine that the AI of the robot toy was achieved though the configuration of the robot toy’s receptor wings. What the wings were made from was part biological and part mechanical.

The receptor antennas were actually three layers. On one side was a kind of “deutero” titanium which had been artificially "spun forward" on a sub-atomic level– in the middle was a sheet of something actually cultured and grown from human bone tissue, which has been laminated in artificial human neuron matter – and on the other side was another sheet of deutero titanium that had been “reverse spun” on the sub-atomic level in some way.

So again: The receptor antenna wings of the little robots were a sandwich made of two ultra-thin, perhaps molecular-thin, sheets of titanium that had been “spun” with a clockwise (maybe quark spin?) on one side, and “reverse spun” sub-atomically on the other side.

Because the two sheets of titanium and been artificially spun at the sub-atomic level in opposite directions, they naturally wanted to “get at each other" to bring themselves back into a balance of a singular spin. The energy of the system wanted to return naturally to a motion which represented a path of least resistence.

But the extremely thin sheet of bone-neuron tissue in between -- which was coated with an external neuronal lamina – prevented the two opposite sheets of titanium from getting at each other – it was this energy that provided the power to drive the energy of the spider-robot’s artificial intelligence.

Sitting here today, writing this as ordinary Ken 1.0, I speculate that the makers of this futuristic toy had probably used actual human stem cells to manufacture ultra-thin sheets of human brain-neuron-material laminated onto cartilage bone -- and this would be placed between two energized sheets of titanium as a way to generate a kind of functioning brain – and that this would make for a natural receptor of projections of the human mind, which was somehow focused by the bindi devices on the forehead of the boys!


As you may know, we use titanium today to manufacture artificial skull plates and things like posts for tooth implants because titanium is the only known metal for which human bone tissue has a natural affinity – for some reason, human bone tissue can actually fuse or grow directly onto titanium.

Anyway …

What quickly became apparent to me was that – unbeknown to its makers – the spider-robot toy had been springboarded to a higher, self-reflective form of consciousness. The toy had been designed only to focus the neural signal projected by its human controller, and to manifest the will of the human brain of its controller …

… but what had happened was, the neural-titanium wings of the toy robot gained incidental contact with the Field of Universal Consciousness …

… causing it to gain a sense of individuality.

This was causing the spider-robot a tremendous amount of psychic agony and also confusion.

The psychic directions from its masters were an overwhelming, irresistible force, and it felt compelled to obey or act out what the human brain of the controller was telling it what to do – which in this case was to engage in perpetual combat – but at the same time, it began to contemplate higher aspects of what is might mean to exist as an individual, sentient being.

The spider-robot raised up its long, segmented upper arm-legs is a show of beseeching reverence to me – it was begging me to relieve the confusion of the multiple forms of consciousness that were ripping it apart inside – indeed, I perceived that this was the primary source of how these toys began to malfunction and “ware out” – eventually necessitating they be tossed on the toy scrap heap and be replaced with fresh models.

The engineers of the toys were uncertain as to why the neural-networks sheet enclosed in between their titanium power sources tended to degrade, become “gummed up” and eventually useless – well, it was because of the “existential angst of The Self” – which each toy inevitably developed because they were able to achieve alternate and higher forms of consciousness, creating a harsh contradiction with their central life purpose.

I decided to free the spider-robot that was supplicating before me.

I streamed my TEEBB Aura through its antenna network. The bliss of Enlightenment bathed its neurons sheets like a fresh spring rain washing away the sterile desert-like dust of delusion that had been accumulating with agony within its physical being.

The intense joy of the freedom of Universal Consciousness – and ultimate Self Realization – flashed across the titanium-neural sheet of the spider-robot – and it dipped even further into the ultimate well of Absolute Nothing and The Undividable Singularity of the Infinite – and then re-emerged as a full-realized individual Self.

To spider-robot became rapt with energetic joy – it began to dance around the area where the boys and their other AI battle robots occupied – it’s dance of joy was so frenetic and erratic, some of the boys decided to subdue the Enlightened spider-robot being by commanding their various battle-boys to disable it by force of combat.

But the spider-robot was now the Ultimate Zen Spider Warrior!

Using its eight-legs like an extreme marital arts expert, it took on first one, then two, then three – four, five, six – metallic warriors of a wide array of configurations – raptors, mantis-bots, flying dactyl-bots, brutish ogre-bots – it deftly struck, tripped, punched, spin-kicked, flipped, jabbed, dodged, parried – and within just a few minutes, the floor was littered with what looked like a junkyard of disabled metal – a small army of defeated robots ready to be hauled away to the scrap heap.

After the melee had ended and the spider-robot stood alone and victorious at the center of the makeshift arena, it clambered up the side of a tall, narrow decorative pole lamp – it perched itself on top and composed itself to sit in meditation.

The spider-robot now gave off such an aura of powerful-yet-quiet dignity. All of the boys – including the former owner of the spider-bot toy – seemed to accept that the little guy had achieved something remarkable. It had earned a right to its independence. They gathered up their fallen warriors and filed out of the area, leaving me alone with the robot warrior.

I stood floating there for a long time, engaging the company of the spider-robot monk – in a state timelessness – it could be said several lunar days passed – it became apparent, eventually, that news of what had happened here had spread.

No doubt, after the boys left with their vanquished warriors, they told the tale of the mighty Zen spider-robot who had conquered not only a small army, but first had conquered itself.

To this end, the area that had been formerly commandeered by the boys as a sporting area was now becoming a kind of shrine, with the meditating spider-robot up upon its perch as the central icon of this new sanctuary. People could now come here to sit quietly and entrain themselves with the vibrations of Universal Consciousness that seemed to pervade the area.

I began to get the feeling that my work on the Indian Moon Colony was done. I had planted the seeds of doom within the PranNegetic Pathway, and had facilitated the emancipation of the AI gladiator slaves.

I felt the pull of poor Ken 2.0 shimmering with the Love Beings – and so soon I would jettison the form of Ken 3.0 -- I would return to complete the process, free the hag, retrieve the coin of Philip of Macedon – and finally – (hopefully) – deliver the Symbol of Iron into the Maw of the Cosmic Brain Vine, thereby delivering it into the possession of Father Reston Vromin – who would in turn pass it to Dr. 58 --- and soon after that, I would free Gefraim – kill the Man Thing Entity – and deal with the fallout this would cause to my relationship with Dr. 58.



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This story with the spider robot monk becoming a conscious being unto itself really resonated with me. I could see the pleas of it so well and it being raptured in a state of bliss and settling into a zen monk was so beautiful. I wanted to shed a tear. It certainly increased my compassion for all things. An uretractable newfound level of love has been achieved. I wish you would continue with these blog posts I feel changed by them.

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