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A man awake

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Journey tonight.

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White Crane Feather


I am prepared to journey tonight. A range of things involving ancestors of mine, lost civilizations, and the importance of what I am doing with my altered state practice have converged. I was attacked last night in a dream or spontaniouse projection. And virtually every night I have been in some sort of battle in my dreams. There is a bit of anxiety in my life right now, so im certain it was a result of that, but I can't shake the feeling I am on the verge of some sort of new learning phase. Wish me luck even now if the results are posted below, thoughts are not bound by time.



I have finally managed to project without vibrations, and not being so deep in concousness. I have heard of others doing it this way, but to be honest I was skeptical. After laying down to mediated I started to hear a voice in a diffrent language again. This time it was a woman. She was trying to tell me something, buy once again I could not understand her. I finally got her to leave me alone. Then back to the business of getting to vibrations. During the process I kept seeing this landscape. A frozen landscape. I kept trying to wipe it away so that I could keep my mind clear for vibration, but it kept comeing back. Then that's when I did it. I stoped trying to wipe it away and I just steped into it. Then I was there. Standing on this massive ice field with mountains in the distance. There is a wind blowing around wisps of ice forming streaming patterns on the ice, and there is very dim light. I look behind me expecting to see a portal or something that got me here. Nothing. I'm still a little shocked that I got here with no vibrations or exit. I just steped into an image. I think others call this phasing.

But why am I in an ice field. I was just about to call out to that angle that carrys me places, when I saw a figure comeing toword me through the wisps of ice. As it got closer I felt a twinge of anxiety surface and I let it glide off me as I relaxed myself. Finally the figure was close enough to see it was a man in a naval uniform. It was him. One of my Heros. Admiral Richard Byrd. My mothers maiden name Is Byrd, I beleive he his my grandfathers uncle. Anvil had suggested he might be a guide. I guess so here he is. I look at him and he looks so much like my father. As a child I looked identical to the admiral as a child. I remember my mother showing me this book. "the byrds of Virgina", I was angry ( I was 6 years old) that someone put a picture of me in that book with a dress on. ( some sort of fancy clothing).

Any way it's strange because he looks a lot like my father and I look a lot like both, but I'm a related to him through my mothers side. Any he then turns and starts walking. He dosnt say anything. I follow him a bit. I'm noticiceing the beautiful frozen landscape. I'm sorta glad that I'm here in spirit only, it looks very very cold. Arctic or Antarctic I can't tell which. Byrd was a famous explorer of both. Though for some reason have a strong feeling it's the Antarctic. Byrd spent six months alone in the Antarctic and it nearly drove him mad. No wonder he is connected to this Place. Soon Byrd stops. He turns to me and looks down. There is so much I want to ask him, but I know getting side tracked will break my trance. I also look down, and I know what he means. I can't explain what I did next. I sort of phased myself halfway out. This allowed me to sink into the ice. I basically floated through the ice straight down. Everything went white, but I sort of adjusted my awareness to compensate so I could see. Evenchually I reached the ground below. It was like being in an ice cube but a fairly clear one. I could see the ground. There were also vauge parts of walls and the bases for structures. It was like a city that had been hit by a massive tornado and the buildings were ripped right out of the ground then flooded then flash frozen. and not a trace of them were left. No debri. Nothing. Just peices of foundations and holes.

After wondering around this place for a while still trying to understand anything. I see a toy wedged in a crack. I could tell it was toy. It was almost like a stuffed animal. It looked like some sort of flying machine or airplane sort of mixed with a totum pole. I reached down to pick it up, as I do it stays there but an etherial version of it stays in my hand. I inspect it a little more. That's it. I start to fade back to my body.

Atlantis? Mabey. But there is a lost civilization underneath the Ice in the Antarctic. I'm sure of it. Quite amazing, and very very fun. I hope that is not the last time I see Byrd. He has been my hero since I was a child, and looking him up the other day, I discovered that I am a descendant of Pocahontas and Jhon Rolfe on my mothers side. That's two amazing things he has shown me in one week.

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"Wish me luck even now if the results are posted below, thoughts are not bound by time." Love that!!

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That sounds so amazing. Congratulations on such a journey! I get so frustrated when I start fading - I'm just not ready to go!

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