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A man awake

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Gopher trap

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White Crane Feather


After a long shower last night. I was very relaxed when going to bed. It did not take long for a feint vibration to begin deep in my chest. An easy exit. Just sat up. I was really hopeing to see Byrd again, so I called out to him way. I waited then i did it again. Nothing. I used the new technique that I learned on the ice to sort of phase out and drift down and land downstairs. It worked like a charm. At this point I walked out the side door to my garden. I as feeling a pull in that direction. It's always best to follow them.

Waiting for me in the garden is the old native American guide. I call him

Grandfather. I call him that because he reminds the of the character in Tom brown jr books.

He his just sitting there next to the snow peas. I walk over and sit next to him. He is messing with some sticks and twigs next o a gopher hole. Last year gophers destroyed my snow pea crop. He is creating a snare that sits inside the gopher hole. Two large rocks with a stick sandwiched in-between extended about 4 inches above the hole. A toggle wrapped around the stick a trigger twig wedged in between the toggle and the ground inside the hole. The engine of the snare is a rock attached to the toggle attached to the snare. The gopher will step into the snare it vircumvents it's hole. It will bump into the trigger stick, release the toggle, the rock will fall tightening the snare snatching the gopher right out of the hole and suspending it in the air.

Ingenious. Native American traps are increadible. and so simple.

After showing me how it works, he put his hand on my shoulder smiled then walked away. He faded into a neighbors fence. I had a stray thought about wondering if the neighbors would care to know that an old Indian waked right through their yard and house. Then I was back in bed.

Awesome. I can save my snow peas this year. Although I'm going to use PVC pipe as the spring. It will be faster. And easier .

Thank you grandfather.

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White Crane Feather


Experimentation with the snare learned in that vision shows that grandfathers design was better with the rock. A spring from a limb or pipe is way to fast. Would snap the noose out to fast.

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How awesome that these spirits can intervene and teach us lessons like this for our real lives. So cool.

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