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A man awake

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My dreams are AWESOME!

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White Crane Feather



I can't explains or fathom the depth of the movie dream I just had, and I have only been asleep for three hours! I cannot beleive it. I'm typing this up now because there so much. Im actually in tears right now it was so incredible. The incredible part about is that I actualy lived months and months in a matter of a few hours. I cannot believe my mind is capable of this. Ill try to explaine in summery, but there is no possible way I can write it all down. It would be like a whole season on a sitcom.

Beginning of dream. I'm in a large beautiful city. Somehow it's being destroyed. Some sort of disaster is be falling it, and I'm trying to escape and there are a few others in tow that I have to take care of, and a few others I'm teamed up with. At some point the dream morphs into an alian invasion of this city. These strange alians are seiging the city and all sorts of harrowing things happen, people dieing in combat trying to escape, battles and fights. The battle is lost and myself and others are cut off from escapeing the city. The only possible way I can summerize what happens after this is bullets.


A human futuristic city that has is being occupied by an alian force. It has high spires and people only walk. There are no cars. For long distances, they use these elevators that are more like teleportation devices that take you anywhere in the city. It's not clear wether they were there pre invasion or not. During the invasion I dont remember using any.

( this blows me away)

I'm become part of a very complicated Human resistance campaign with the goal of getting everyone out of the city. I have the point of view of many diffrent characters while still haveing a primary identity ( seemingly my own). The alians have taken over the city and killed most humans. They have 2 forms one alian one human. It seems like they are trying to live as we humans did, so they stay in human form and are going about the motions of human civilization. Possibly a training ground for infiltration for the rest if the world ( now that I think about it, I think I saw a star trek episode like this.) some humans are tolerated to live amoung them, some alians are human resistance supporters and fight for our cause.

Characters ( oddly no names)

--Me no back ground it wasn't me me, but I seem to have the same skills and attitude.

--- a human girl that has been injured but is very special for some reason so the alians take care of her. It's like she is a quadrapaligic and constantly in a medical facility. Somehow she is fakeing it and part of the resistance and plot for humans to escape.

--- an alian conspirator, he regularly helps in battles but maintaines his identity.

--- beutiful woman with long black hair ( part of the resistance and my lover)

--- an alian council in which I have infiltrated as a surpressor of the resistance. There is another alian that has my role. He is my biggest worry and antigonist ( during a meeting, he was exposed as actually a human infiltrator like me, but even I did not know it, and I actually helped expose him as way of getting rid of him.----- then out of no where he turns into iron man and blasts out of the building--- ( I know----- what the **** right?---- well it's a dream. It is bleed over from recent cartoon advirtisments). The funny part is that everyone in the dream even the other alians seemed apathetic to what happened. They had the attitude like that part did not fit the plot, so it should be ignored. We all looked at the hole In the ceiling for a few moments then went back to business as usual as if it didnt just happened.... How funny is that?

--- a suave 007 like human infiltrator that hangs at a bar and is in good with the lady alian bartenders. Eeeheeem, living his experiences was definantly interesting ;)

-- the leader of the resistance ... A rather average looking man but loved and respected

----- dam it.... There are a few others but it's starting to fade. I'm typing as fast as I can.

Major events.

Mostly just acts of sbatoge, narrow escapes, close calls for the infiltrators, love scenes, and nerve racking travels through the city.

The major ending is the final execution of the escape plot. We are aided by a few alians, the cripple girl reveals she can walk. The 007 guy says good buy covertly to his alian ladies.

The basic Plot of the escape is a diversion created by a massive play that is designed by me and sold to the council. The play a very large celebration and supposed to be reenacted all over the city to boost moral and support against the resistance. It depics a battle in which the leader of the resistance is killed and an attempt for all the underground humans to escape the city is thwarted.., well the alian technology allows alians to copy the appearance of the resistance leader. So as the plays are happening all over the city, the real humans are enacting the play as a real escape. This allows them to mobilize without being detected because it is supposed to be happening. ( dam

I'm a genius.... I'm very proud of that plan).

As the play is being executed through out the city, we make our escape. It did not go off without a hitch though. There was another drift over from my real life. ( another WTF moment) this kid in a karate uniform kept following me around. He was more like a toddler. He enchually exposed me and us. Then the **** hit the fan. There was a massive battle/run for freedom. We were evenchually successful but with the loss of many good friends and agents.

I cannot do this dream justice with words. The details are fading from my mind as I write. There were numerous plot lines, characters, and relationships--- I can't possibly remember them. Dam that is frustrating.

I'm so amazed by the human mind. Everytime this happens, and this is by far the most extensive dream I have ever had, if you don't count the projections.

What's funny, is that I have been asking the great spirit for more creativity. I have been considering writing about something ... Don't know yet. But it seems as if my prayers are being answered.

Amazing amazing amazing, I am so ****ing blessed it's rediculouse. I'm a healthy athletic man, I own a successful martial arts school, I am maried to a drop dead gorgous philapina woman that runs marathons and Is also successful working for one of the worlds largest successful company's. She has given me three increadible boys that are everything little boys are supposed to be.

On top of it all, I have this mind capable of takeing me anywhere to experience practically anything. I can live months of interesting life in a matter of hours. We are truelly made in the image iof god. We can experience manythings through our own creations just as god experiences through us.

So much for nirvana.., this is to much fun

If I ever complain someone should reach out and slap me.

the breathing of my wife and baby is makeing sleepy, I want to record more... It will be mostly gone by morning, but I'm done.

Good night all.... It's 3:30, back to sleep. Who knows what will happen next....the universe is my playground.

Thanks for sharing this moment with me

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Thats probably one of the most epic dreams I've ever heard of. I can't imagine just how intense it would feel actually dreaming it, amazing. Novel/Movie material for sure!

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Beautiful post - your family is lucky to have you. It is so great to see how much gratitude you have!

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White Crane Feather


Thank you. I'm still thinking about it, I can't get it

All out of my head. Movies just seem boring to me now. Imagine if we could create a technology that did this. Movies would be obsolete.

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That was a fabulous plan indeed. lol

It is truly beautiful how you speak of your family. Living thankful is living happy. You truly deserve every bit of it.

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